Subway Japan Grows Lettuce in Store

You might think of Subway as a more health-conscious take on fast food, but you may not think of them as being on the cutting edge. Subway Japan has opened a new store, reports AsiaJin,  called the “Subway Yasai Lab Maru Building Store” in central Tokyo. Translation? The unique store has a “Vegetable Lab” that grows fresh lettuce for its sandwiches on the spot. All the lettuces are hydroponically cultivated and pesticide free, taking local eating to the next level.

Unfortunately, the small vegetable “factory”, which is visibly located in the center of the store, only produces about 20 lettuces per week. This provides for about 5 percent of the lettuce consumed at the Marunouchi Building location, and is twice as expensive. Nonetheless, Subway deserves to be applauded for the creative approach to urban cultivation and food safety. Other produce served in the shop is also free of agrochemicals. Subway Japan researched the vegetable lab with the help of Leave a nest Co, which has the charming motto “Advancing Technology for Global Happiness.”

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