Inspiring Reddit Weight Loss Stories Include Josh Bennett Who Lost 120 Pounds

Techies and news junkies alike have been flocking to Reddit, the social website that’s been labeled the “front page of the internet” for its forum-style discussion on everything from current headlines to celebrity gossip.

Nestled in amongst the community’s news lovers is a growing number of health fanatics. The two most popular forums for health-conscious members are Reddit loseit and Reddit Fitness, where users share their fitness tips, diet struggles, weight loss triumphs and everything in between.

A quick scour of Reddit loseit led us to several inspiring weight loss stories, one from Josh Bennet who’d lost more than 100 pounds and successfully “unearthed” his dimples.

We reached out to Josh and two other Reddit users for an interview regarding their health transformations. Among other things, we were curious why they chose to share their stories on Reddit.

Josh, 20, of Snohomish, Washington, became somewhat of a Reddit sensation when he shared his before and after photos of his more than 100 pound weight loss.

The photo on the left shows Josh weighing more than 310 pounds, and on the left he’s at a slim 190 pounds. To lose the weight Josh simply modified his diet to include protein, water, vegetables, and fruit, and he began incorporating cardio and weight lifting into his weekly routine.

Josh said he decided to share his weight loss story on Reddit loseit, because the site was a big source of inspiration for him when he was trying to lose weight and he wanted to help others in the same way.

Tanner MacLean, 20, of Prince Edward Island, Canada, proudly shared his 70 pound weight loss on Reddit, which he achieved by adopting a string of new, healthy habits. In the photo on the left Tanner weighed nearly 250 pounds. On the right he’s flexing his trim 174 pound figure.

To lose the weight Tanner cleaned up his diet and designed his own fitness routine that includes a high-intensity free weight regimen, ultimate frisbee on the weekends, and an occasional trip to the badminton court.

Tanner didn’t have a strategy in sharing his weight loss story on Reddit. He had simply taken some before and after pictures of himself and was pleased with the results. So he opted to post them on Reddit with the hopes inspiring other people toward the same results.

Linda Armistead, 42, of Ansonia, Connecticut is another Reddit weight loss success story. Linda lost more than 100 pounds thanks to the help of a medically-supervised diet program and completely transformed her life.

Her starting weight was 278 pounds, and today she’s a slim and healthy 168 pounds.

Linda decided to share her weight loss story on Reddit, as well as on her blog Keep Weight Off For Life, because she knew the statistics for maintaining weight loss long-term are abysmal and discouraging, and she wanted to show people that long-term weight maintenance is possible.

She also wanted to be available to answer any questions about the type of program she used.


For those looking for fitness inspiration, feedback on a new diet you’re considering, or simply a place to tout your weight loss, check out Reddit. From weight loss tips to discussion on the latest news in politics, you’re likely to find what you’re searching for.

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