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Do You Know What You Just Put in Your Mouth? Author Patrick Di Justo Tells Reddit the Truth about Processed Junk Food


Patrick Di Justo, author of “This is What You Just Put in Your Mouth” took to reddit last week to answer readers’ questions about the very same topic.

Di Justo wrote a column in everyone’s favorite science publication, Wired magazine, where he broke down the ingredients in common household products, explaining just what those unpronounceable ingredients really are, why they are used, and just where they come from.

“All my research is dedicated to pointing out what is in the food you eat and the products you use. I almost never make value judgments about these ingredients — the idea is that you now have all this information, you make your own decisions,” explained Di Justo to one reader. “I think the only thing I’ve ever told people to stay away from was heroin, because heroin is pure evil in powdered form. And high fructose corn syrup, which is not as immediately evil as heroin, but still bad for you.”

When Wired magazine got its own show on PBS, called Wired Science, host Chris Hardwick presented Di Justo’s articles as a special segment of the show. The very first food he broke down? Cool Whip.

Cool Whip

Before you dollop this unassuming, fluffy, sweet treat on your fruit salad, let’s find out exactly what’s in it:

First off, it’s bleeding you dry: water is Cool Whip’s main ingredient, since air can’t really be put on an ingredient list. Water and air make up forty-one cents per ounce, just over twice what it would cost to whip real cream yourself. (more…)

Arnold Schwarznegger Crashes Reddit Feed and Defends Variety in Fitness Approaches

Redditors got a larger than life surprise while casually scrolling through the fitness feeds today. Celebrities aren’t uncommon on the social site, as their “Ask Me Anything” threads are incredibly popular, but it was a shock to see former California governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger show up to chastise the bickering and defend that everyone gets fit differently.


The hubbub started when a Reddit user posted a link to a cardio workout developed by fitness site Fitocracy. The 15 minute workout—aptly dubbed “the best cardio routine humanly possible“—was released in conjunction with The Governator’s 1% Challenge, a crusade that encourages people to devote one percent of their day to fitness. After the posting, hordes of Reddit users did what Reddit users d0: verbally spar in the comment section. (more…)

Inspiring Reddit Weight Loss Stories Include Josh Bennett Who Lost 120 Pounds

Techies and news junkies alike have been flocking to Reddit, the social website that’s been labeled the “front page of the internet” for its forum-style discussion on everything from current headlines to celebrity gossip.

Nestled in amongst the community’s news lovers is a growing number of health fanatics. The two most popular forums for health-conscious members are Reddit loseit and Reddit Fitness, where users share their fitness tips, diet struggles, weight loss triumphs and everything in between.

A quick scour of Reddit loseit led us to several inspiring weight loss stories, one from Josh Bennet who’d lost more than 100 pounds and successfully “unearthed” his dimples.

We reached out to Josh and two other Reddit users for an interview regarding their health transformations. Among other things, we were curious why they chose to share their stories on Reddit.

Josh, 20, of Snohomish, Washington, became somewhat of a Reddit sensation when he shared his before and after photos of his more than 100 pound weight loss. (more…)

2,466 Pounds Lost by True Weight Loss Story Members in 2022!

Talking with people who have made drastic changes in their lives for the better is one of the most inspiring and humbling experiences I’ve encountered. Recognizing how difficult it is to lose 5, 10 and even 20 pounds myself, I sympathize with those who struggle with their weight. But after speaking with individuals who have lost more than 100 pounds in some cases, I am often left speechless.

In 2022 we shared the true weight loss stories of more than 20 remarkable individuals from around the world, and their combined total weight loss was 2,466 pounds! This an accomplishment we were truly humbled to be a part of. Though each person shares a uniquely inspiring story, we’ve gathered six of our favorites to give a glimpse into the truly amazing transformations we’ve witnessed on Diets in Review this year. Let’s start with the first true weight loss story I had the privilege of writing: Grace Goodman.


Paul Bucich Lost 60 Pounds after Trading Late Night TV For Ironman Competitions

Paul Bucich, 38, of Ahwatukee, Arizona was your average active and athletic child growing up. It wasn’t until later in life that he fell into a string of bad habits that led him to put on a considerable amount of weight. Habits like watching television most evenings and consuming too much alcohol before and after meals sent his weight over 200 pounds, which came with some serious consequences.

Paul began to gain weight while in college thanks to heavy beer drinking and no longer participating in sports. Landing a desk job after college only further solidified his unhealthy lifestyle. At his heaviest, Paul weighed 210 pounds, but he wasn’t friends with anyone who exercised so it didn’t seem like a big deal.

Then in 2022 on a routine doctor visit Paul found out he had unusually high blood pressure for a male in his mid-30s and was prescribed high blood pressure medication. Paul had only taken this medication for a few months before he and his wife were challenged to a weight loss competition by a few of their family members. The prize was $400 and Paul wanted to win.

In addition to changing his eating to fit the 4-Hour Body diet, Paul also quit smoking and became more active. By the end of the competition, which lasted from April-May 2022, Paul was down 30 pounds, had completely given up cigarettes, and was off of his high blood pressure mediation. From there it was a slow but steady climb toward better health.

“I exercised after that and I did some cardio and started running. I couldn’t run more than 30 seconds when I started,” he said. “But if you push yourself pretty soon you’re running a minute, walking a minute. And then you’re running fast and jogging for a break between intervals.” (more…)