Jenny Craig Wins the 2024 Diet Taste Test!


Which meal delivery diet really stands out in taste? For the fifth year in a row, Next Advisor held its Diet Taste Test, which focuses on providing a better look at  the most popular dieting services in the country. The goal is to learn how the food actually tastes to real people. This year, Jenny Craig was the big winner, beating  bistroMD, who won 2024’s Taste Test.

The test is performed when a week’s worth of standard meals from each dieting group is consumed anonymously. A group of 12 men and women are asked to try the food, rating it on a scale of 1 – 10 for taste, as well as appearance. The tasters are unaware of which brand they are eating at the time, considering all labels are taken off before the tests are performed. The anonymous tasters tried food from bistroMD, Jenny Craig, The 17 Day Diet, Nutrisystem, and Diet-to-Go. The other factors taken into consideration for the test are price, customization, availability of fitness tools, strength, and availability of support provided to the consumer.

The taste test is held when Next Advisor orders the basic meal plans from each of the major dieting companies. All meal plans in the test range between a total of 1,200 and 1,400 calories. Once the meal plans are all unmarked, 12 men and women of different ages come together to participate in the test. To be completely fair, each meal from all of the companies are heated in a microwave to give everyone the same advantage, even if some meals may taste better prepared in an oven. Once the food has been consumed, each participant rates the meal from a scale of 1 – 10 on appearance and taste, respectively.

In order, the results were:

1. Jenny Craig

2. The 17 Day Diet

3. Diet to Go

4. bistroMD

5. Nutrisystem

Congratulations to Jenny Craig! On our own Most Popular Diets List, The 17 Day Diet made it to number one, whereas Jenny Craig didn’t place on the list at all. Nutrisystem and Diet to Go also made our most popular diets list for 2024.

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