Kardashian-Endorsed QuickTrim Contains Raspberry Ketones

khloe kardashian and kin kardashian in purple bikinis Raspberry ketones have been a major subject of discussion in the weight loss world after Dr. Oz touted them on his show as a “miracle fat-burner.” Raspberry ketones are a widely available supplement on their own, but they are also an ingredient in several QuickTrim products. QuickTrim is the diet supplement promoted by the Kardashian family and is credited with helping Kourtney Kardashian to shed her modest baby weight.

QuickTrim offers a number of different weight loss products, including a 14-day “Burn & Cleanse” that features pills and a liquid “Fast Cleanse.” Two of the QuickTrim diet supplements contain raspberry ketones: the “Extreme Burn” and “Hotstix.”

Extreme Burn is a pill that claims to boost the metabolism, causing it to burn more calories, in addition to curbing cravings and giving the user an energy boost. Other ingredients included acai extract, vitamin C, caffeine and a number of fruit extracts. This product is a stimulant, and may cause side effects such as increased heart rate.

Hotstix is a powered drink mix, that might remind you of Crystal Lite. It has 10 calories per packet, and contains vitamins and two grams of fiber. In addition to raspberry ketone, Hotstix contains green tea leaf extract, guarana seed extract and grape seed extracts. It also contains the artificial colors FD&C blue #2 and red #40.

A number of health experts say that the raspberry ketone hype has been overblown, and that it probably won’t result in lasting weight loss without diet and exercise.

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