Katy Perry Says Her Pre-Tour Diet “Sucks”

long dressIn order to get ready for the high-energy demands of her upcoming tour, pop star Katy Perry in on a strict diet. “After this interview I’m going to have a nice healthy breakfast,” she told Showbiz Spy. “I’m on a meal plan, which absolutely sucks.”

At least the star isn’t hard on herself every day of the week. “On Sundays I get to have a cheat day where I go buck wild and eat In-N-Out Burger. Then I’ll work out, go to a vocal lesson, run through the entire set at rehearsals, go to dance rehearsal until 10pm and then go home and sort through e-mails concerning the production. I feel like I’m training for the Olympics!”

Sounds like she’s got a lot on her hands, and her next tour is going to be a real spectacle. “I just really want to raise the bar. Touring is no longer an ordinary thing where you play an instrument in jeans and a T-shirt,” Perry said. “It has some pizazz these days, and I’m definitely bringing the pizazz with a lot of bells and whistles.”

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