Kirstie Alley Launches Weight Loss Company Organic Liaison

It’s been exactly two years since Kirstie Alley walked away from Jenny Craig, having lost 75 pounds on the program, and announced she was dreaming up her own weight loss program.

Little did she, or we, know, that while she was passionately working on starting this company, she would gain back the 75 pounds she lost, plus ten. We’ve watched Kirstie’s weight fluctuations for years. Using Oprah as a stage for promoting her weight loss, and confessing her weight gain, Kirstie made yet another appearance today. This time, it was to promote her new show on A&E, Kirstie Alley’s Big Life premiering March 21, and her new company, Organic Liaison.

She says she’s been working with a team of scientists to create an organic weight loss plan and is now excited to share with all of us Organic Liaison. It’s a multi-layer membership and supplement program that supports the weight loss efforts of men and women, and is meant to “escort you into the world of organic weight loss,” says Kirstie in the site’s introductory video.

Members have access to the Organic Network Locator, which helps identify organic grocery stores, farmer’s markets and restaurants by ZIP code.

The fun-having actress has made weight loss fun too, by offering members the Body Game, which puts you and a partner (called your Chubby Buddy) in a waist-to-waist competition to lose weight together and share the journey.

Members will access to a Success Graph, which shows your efforts and progress to goal.

Additionally, Organic Liaison will help you get your eating on track by creating meal plans just for you with “brands from a featured partner and foods from organic recipes.” They’ll match your dietary needs, like vegetarian or low carb.

A diet journal, recipe database, calorie counter and more is readily available to Organic Liaison members via their online account.

Organic Liaison also has a line of USDA Organic supplement products also meant to help you manage your weight loss. The Organic Liaison Rescue Me package includes three diet supplements meant to help you cleanse and detox while reducing cravings, curbing appetitive, boosting energy and supporting fat metabolism.

Rescue Me “takes on and wollops two big road blocks for losing weight and keeping it off – excess hunger and cravings,” says Kirstie. The products offer organic ingredients that include vitamins, minerals, herbs, fiber and antioxidants.

Other supplements from Organic Liaison include Nightingale, which is a L-Tryptophan and vitamin supplement to help you sleep and promote weight loss; Pagoda is a green tea extract that helps manage your metabolism and burn calories.

The Rescue Me kit costs $139.00 from Organic Liaison. The Organic Liaison monthly membership costs $10; the annual membership costs $89.

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