Madonna’s Famous Arms Beginning to Lose Their Bulk

Whether good or bad, Madonna always makes news. Her music and career tend to be her biggest attention grabbers, however, her arms seem to pull a close second when it comes to attention. Love them or hate them, Madonna’s arms have a career all their own.

In the last 10 years Madonna’s biceps started making an appearance. About five years ago, the artist’s arms were so cut and lean she began to face a lot of criticism. Whether her arms were the punchline of a joke, or a point of contention, they were always news worthy.

A few years ago when Madonna’s arms were notoriously veiny, sports nutritionist Leslie Bonci told ABC News, “When muscles look that way, it’s often the result of pretty restrictive eating and dehydration… With bodybuilders, the goal is to be sinewy, to make everything stand out. How do you get to that goal? You restrict your fluid intake. But then you might collapse on stage.”

“That’s true,” agrees Diets In Review’s fitness expert Kelly Turner, “but she obviously has very little body fat which would make muscle striations and veins more apparent. It’s not a sure fire sign she is unhealthy or malnourished.”

Leading up to Madonna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show and her appearances regarding her new film production W.E. it seems her arms are appearing more toned and less muscular. She admits to not being so obsessed with Pilates anymore as she’s moved on to her ballet and dance workout, Barre3.
It’s all relative, though. Less muscley for Madonna is still incredibly toned. Madonna’s famous arms originally started to take shape while she worked with her long time trainer Tracy Anderson. Anderson instructs that all you need are three pound weights as they are just right for getting toned without over developing muscles. Apparently one can get those famous Madonna arms by doing arm circles, shoulder presses, and tricep push-backs. These simple light weight, high rep moves are what made Madonna’s arms celebrities all on their own.

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