Free Access to Nutrisystem’s All-New Community Site Now Available

nutrisystem with food in backgroundNutrisystem is relaunching their community web site to better meet the needs of dieters. Nutrisystem doesn’t want to make its customers feel like there is a one-size-fits-all approach to losing weight, and the community offers a place for dieters to have a personal and customized experience and meet other dieters.

The Nutrisystem community redesign is focused on the dieter and many of the changes were made through the direct suggestion of members, including the names of certain sections. The site is free for the first time ever and offers three different levels of 24/7 access. As a guest you will be able to read content, dining out and grocery guides, message boards and member pages without having to enter any personal information. For more extensive access to the site, including interacting with other members, you simply register and become a Nutrisystem member, which is also free. The VIP membership level is available to those who are on a Nutrisystem program. This membership option offers access to all of the content on the web site as well as tracking tools designed to help you through your weight loss journey.

You will be able to log your food, water, daily activities, weight and measurements from your personal home page. The site also offers plenty of helpful articles, tips and guidance for the week. Once members log in, they have full view of their current weight, the amount of weight lost, and their goal weight. There are special events such as video chats with experts to help you stay on track and motivated throughout your weight loss journey. Many of these features are only available to those with VIP membership access. Everything on the updated site is intended to make your weight loss journey easier and more fun. The new community site is filled with plenty of success stories to keep you motivated and incentives for those who refer a friend to the program.

The Nutrisystem team believes that sites with community involvement can be a very helpful tool for those wanting to lose weight, along with the proven weight loss principles Nutrisystem provides. The Nutrisystem community believes there is strength in numbers. Research shows those who work toward weight loss with others have a greater success than those who do it alone. With access to thousands of other members in the Nutrisystem community, dieters can find some encouragement through the message boards as well as through their friends and family. The new Nutrisystem community design allows members to be encouraged, share their own stories, and reveal the tips and tricks that have led to their personal weight loss success.

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