Pregnant Kim Kardashian Craves Sushi and Diet Coke, Works Out with Tracy Anderson

The second most-watched baby bump (after Kate Middleton) is the queen of reality TV, Kim Kardashian. Since the announcement of her pregnancy with Kanye West, Kim has been asked about her cravings in every interview.

During an interview with E News, Kim said she is craving “sushi, but I know I can’t really have it, so I’m eating a lot of carrots and celery with lots of ranch.”

According to, the highest mercury-level fish (shark, swordfish, ahi tuna) should be avoided during pregnancy, while mothers can have three, six-ounce servings of high mercury fish (white albacore tuna, sea bass, grouper) in a month.

Kim, like a lot of expectant mothers, thought she could get away with eating anything, but she realized it wasn’t a good idea. OpposingViews Entertainment reported Kim as saying, “I used to always say I can’t wait to get pregnant because I will just eat whatever I want, but it’s completely different, I’m like, OK, I want to eat as healthy as possible.”

“You won’t need to lose baby weight if you don’t gain it,” Jillian Michaels has told us. “It takes about 55,000 calories to make a baby.  This breaks down to about 200-300 extra calories a day.”

Kim is focused on being healthy and active during her pregnancy. Not only is that lifestyle good for her, but it will also help her give birth to a healthy baby this July.

The star owns up to craving an occasional Diet Coke, saying “Lately I’ve been watching shows like ‘I’m Pregnant And Addicted To Meth.’ It definitely makes me feel better if I’m wanting one sip of Diet Coke or, you know, too much sugar. I’m like, ‘This woman is on meth.'”

While trying to eat well for the health of the baby and herself, Kim has been spotted at the gym more frequently than when she was pre-pregnancy. The reality star has signed on with celebrity trainer and postpartum body expert Tracy Anderson. The trainer says Kim focuses on muscular structure work, which is vital during pregnancy.

It seems like Kim is trying to eat right and workout so she has a safe and healthy pregnancy. We hope she takes the time to recover and regain her strength and body in a healthy fashion once baby arrives.

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