Q Finds His Weight Loss Motivation after Biggest Loser Elimination

With the elimination of Jaquin “Q” Allen from Biggest Loser this week, the red team is officially out of this game. During week five he was confronted by teammates for not fulling committing to being there, and his wife Larialmy‘s request to send her home bought him one more week. For whatever reason, Q still didn’t meet his teammates’ expectations and with the lift of those silver tray lids, he went back to South Carolina.

Watch our exclusive one-on-one interview with Q, sponsored by MultiGrainCheerios, in which we see this funny’s guy personality, hear a lot about the Biggest Loser Resort experience, and how his on-show training prepared him to workout at home.

After spending one week apart, the longest the couple had ever been separated, Q says his wife was waiting with open arms and “didn’t shun me.”

We spoke with Q following his elimination and he talks about how the couple has grown as a result of their shared Biggest Loser experience. He says things have only gotten better, and they’ve learned to stop being each others enabler. Plus, Q talks about what life was like for the Unknowns at the new Malibu location for Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge, a place he calls “Disney World for fat people.” Listen now:

“My wife personally assured me that I could continue the journey at home,” says Q of Larialmy. The two were below the yellow line together in week five, but she felt it was in Q’s best interest to stay at the ranch as long as possible, and so she left. As is the case with most wives, Larialmy was right, and Q has found great success at home. He credits his trainer at Anytime Fitness with really pushing him, and is celebrating his 100-pounds loss milestone!

He may also credit the training style of Cara Castronuova and Brett Hoebel, the two new trainers. Unlike the eight hours a day most contestants spend in the gym with Bob and Jillian, the Unknowns worked out three to four hours a day. “We did this to elevate our heart rates in order to develop a slow burn,” says Q. The purpose? Get in the same calorie burn as their competition in half the time. The unknowns did a lot of fitness activities including boxing, kickboxing, metabolic resistance (a combination of strength training and cardio also known as HIIT), and circuit training. Q says he “holds dear” this style of training because it was more realistic. “I can’t do eight hours at home,” which is true of any contestant confronted with the real world.

Other motivators for Q? Rulon, Justin and the entire Biggest Loser community. The yellow team took the role of unofficial team leaders and used some aggressive tactics to help get Q’s head in the game. “It was the best thing for me,” he says of their actions. “It’s something I needed.” He was glad to have their motivation and even their candid assessment of his performance. “Call me out on my junk… so that I can correct it.”

Q is well along his weight loss journey at home in South Carolina, where the 27-year-old is working toward a finale goal of 240 pounds (down from a starting weight of 437).

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