RECALL: Ground Beef in Southern California

gound beefMore than 3,000 pounds of ground beef patties are being recalled by a California company for potential E. coli contamination, and other ground beef products may also be affected. The U.S.  Department of Agriculture made the announcement this weekend after the American Food Service of Pico Rivera recalled the products.

The recalled beef was produced on January 31, and carries the establishment number “EST 1913” inside the USDA inspection mark. The beef was sent to restaurants in the southern region of California. The USDA fears packages of the contaminated beef are still in the freezers of many restaurants.

It is unclear at this time if anyone has fallen ill due to the contaminated beef. Seniors, young children and people with weak immune systems are particularly susceptible to E. coli infections. Symptoms include stomach cramps, diarrhea which may be bloody, nausea and vomiting.

Via CNN.

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