Ron and Max Morelli Prepare for Release of Fat Family, Fit Family

Now in its eleventh season, Biggest Loser has had individuals compete and teams of two, but ever more than that. Unless you count season seven. That’s when Ron Morelli and his son Mike Morelli competed as the brown team, a team of three if you count honorary member Max Morelli, the youngest son in the family. Ron and Mike went on to the final four that season, but Max watched from home; at 17 he was too young to join the show. However, the trio lost astounding weight together at home and continue to support one another today.

You can hear all about the impressive story of this family’s journey to health in their upcoming book Fat Family, Fit Family, a group effort that includes contributions from Becky Morelli, “the mom,” who also has her own weight loss success story to share.

In the meantime, we caught up with Ron and Max during a recent stay at Biggest Loser Resort. It was Max’s third trip, and a first for Ron.

First, catch-up with Max, a young man we’ve had the privilege of watching grow and transform into an inspiring, healthy and smart “kid.” Since 2024 he’s lost more than 150 pounds, mostly during his stays at the Resort but also from a lot of hard work at home.

During Max’s trips he says he sticks with the program and works “as hard as I can everyday,” not wanting to squander the opportunity provided to him. He focuses on cardio and weight lifting, and tries to mimic the Resort’s regimen at home. He took a break from community college this semester to allow him the time to visit the Resort and continue giving his weight and health the appropriate attention they need. He lives with his parents in Royal Oak, Michigan where he says he feels more accountable.

Once weighing 430 pounds in his teens, today Max is in his 200s and he says “You can do it. People bigger than me have.”

Ron joined Biggest Loser in season seven weighing 430 pounds, down from his all-time high of 550. Today, Ron is a healthy 260 pounds and continues to do the work necessary not to gain. He says life after Biggest Loser is not easy, but the support he has at home and the drive within himself to stay committed to this lifestyle keep him on track.

During his month-long stay at Biggest Loser Resort he says “you learn a lot and it really works well.” He says that people go back, like his son Max, because it offers a refresher course in healthy living.

Of the new book Fat Family, Fit Family, which you can preorder on Amazon, Max says you’ll find their personal stories, as well as “ideas, tips, and inspiration.”

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Amelie Holbrook says:

It’s too bad that all of the authors are once again the big, fat pigs they started out as. Watch Season 7 of Biggest Loser and you’ll see that Ron Morelli and his son Mike are completely lacking in morality and human decency. No wonder they’re both morbidly obese again. Shame on them both.

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