Running and Family Support Larialmy Allen’s Weight Loss after Biggest Loser Elimination

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Five weeks in to a season of Biggest Loser and we usually think we know all we can about the contestants. Not true for Larialmy Allen (pronounced Lair-Uh-Me). She was fortunate to have four weeks of immunity as a member of the “Unknowns” team, training at the Biggest Loser Resort in Malibu with new trainers Brett Hoebel and Cara Castronuova. She was eliminated at the end of week five, the first week all contestants were reunited back at the ranch.

At home, Larialmy’s lost more than 70 pounds. She attributes some of that to her new running regimen, which she explains to us in this interview. (Shared elimination interview with Don Evans.)

When we finally saw clips of Larialmy’s time at the “secret location,” we saw her husband, Jaquin “Q” Allen, struggling to be part of what the “Unknowns” deemed themselves “family.” The team seemed incredibly supportive of Larialmy’s hard work, but came down hard when Q wasn’t being what they felt was a team player. “He was a little off, mind not always there, and that affected him,” she says about her husband’s behavior. Larialmy said it was hard to hear her teammates point out Q’s falling short.

But when the couple fell below the yellow line in their first ranch weigh-in, she didn’t hesitate to have him stay on the ranch and continue her journey at home. “There’s not too many things I wouldn’t give to him,” she remarked, clarifying that she wasn’t angry when she was voted out of the game.

At home Larialmy has “110 percent support” from her family and friends, namely her sisters who she works out with; they are also enjoying weight loss! When she got home she had to have a conversation with herself and reconcile that the journey was more difficult at home, but still possible. She said she realized that while she and Q are doing this journey together, that it’s “still individually our own journey.”

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