Super Sprowtz: Puppets with Superpowers Steer Kids to Good Eating

If Cookie Monster is the poster-puppet for junk food, Colby Carrot and the rest of the Super Sprowtz are the health food equivalents, and they’re fighting a good fight. Through television programing, live shows, and a museum exhibit as well as online tools and an app, these veggie super-hero characters teach kids about healthy eating—and they make it fun!

What other vegetables are represented in this zany cast?

There’s also Erica Eggplant, Brian Broccoli, Suzy Sweetpea, Todd Tomato, Zach Zucchini, Sammy Spinach, Gita Garlic, Oliver Onion, Brian Broccoli, and Miki Mushroom. Each sing and talk about their nutritional benefits. For example, Colby the Carrot has amazing eyesight, thanks to all that beta-carotene.

The gang is about to embark on a 26-day, 26-city tour across the Eastern half of the country. (They’re still in fundraising mode, if you’re able to offer any support.) Not near a show? All sorts of materials are available on the site for families, teachers, and more, so look around, watch some videos, and give the kids in your life even more reasons to want to eat healthy!


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