The House Divides Red vs. Black in Biggest Loser Season 11 Episode 6 Recap

This week begins in the elimination room. The ranchers are brought in to join the unknowns in order for Ali to share some news with them: The two factions will officially be in direct competition as they are going red versus black! But that is not all. There is also a temptation to take care of right away.

This temptation holds a great power. I would call it a curse, because being stuck with it could turn people against you. The winner gets to swap out two players from each team, in secret nonetheless. All you have to do is eat more chocolate than anyone else. Several people eat, but Arthur wins by a landslide in order to protect himself and his father. He gets rid of Jay and Jen, due to trust issues, and brings over Deni and Sarah to be sacrificial lambs. He also let everyone know this rather than keep secrets. I don’t think there was a single person in the room that was happy with that, and they let him have it.

Bob and Jillian seemed genuinely shocked when they discovered what happened and the black team was still upset with what happened, but that was short lived in the workout due to the arrival of the red team and their fighting ways. This is the first time both teams were working out in the gym at the same time and it seemed as though chaos abounded! The red team continued to train as hard as they did at Biggest Loser Resort at Fitness Ridge Malibu and made sure to let the black team know it with their screams. Several members of the black team were annoyed at this, but they have to face the reality that this is a shared space from now on and they have to deal with it.

The challenge for this week is a for a prize that everyone always holds dear, including myself: videos from home! There are five parts that must be completed, with the players being split up among them. Each section has a theme but they are tricked by these themes which cause everyone to groan at yet another famous twist: The teams are pretty close until the “mental” agility station where they must stack dishes in their calorie order to move on. The red team gets stuck while black blazes through it as well as the next two stations to get to the final puzzle. Black wins by a landslide! They all get together to watch their videos and all seem really moved by their friends and family. I know exactly how they feel, being in the same position myself, and am happy they got to watch together as a Biggest Loser family.

The numbers at this weigh in are HUGE!!! Jay and Jen lose 14 pounds each and do not disappoint their teammates. Everyone pulls big numbers for red, except for Q, who made a commitment to his wife, Larialmy, the week before, and it is still obvious he hasn’t figured it out yet. Black is pulling some impressive numbers as well until Olivia steps on the scale. Her number wasn’t impressive, it was ridiculous! Sixteen pounds! Irene‘s and Hannah’s numbers don’t even matter at this point as Olivia crushes it and wins the weigh in for black! This means the red team will step into the elimination room for the second week in a row, and I think everyone knows what is going to happen at this point…

Q goes home. We all knew this was going to happen as the other members of the red team have questioned his efforts for a while now, but they do it reluctantly as they all know he still has a lot to learn. He looks great at home, almost hitting a 100-pound weight loss. I sincerely hope he keeps going in the right direction. Tune in next Tuesday on NBC at 8/7c for more action from this exciting season of the Biggest Loser.

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