The Reality of Wii Fit

wii fitThe Wii Fit has been on the market for about a year now, which means people can finally decide whether or not it is truly a meaningful fitness tool, or just a hyped-up game. Forbes took a look at the Wii Fit, which they say is now in 1.5 million homes. They asked the question “is anyone really using it?” and the answer may not surprise you.

Not really, says Brian Crecente, managing editor of the popular gaming blog Kotaku. Despite optimistic predictions that Nintendo had unleashed a new era of videogames, Crecente calls Wii Fit little more than an exercise fad that’s bound to come and go like any other. “I don’t know a single person who has bought the game who uses it routinely after a month,” he claims, stressing that getting results from the game requires dedication and real physical exertion.

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