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Nintendo’s New Wii Fit Plus

wii fit plusThe new Wii Fit Plus is the latest creation by Ninetendo and features all of the bells and whistles of one of the top-selling home entertainment games of all time.

Just released during the first week of October, the Wii Fit Plus has a few added tricked-out features which will help inspire even the glued-to-the-television couch-potatoes to stand up, press play and get moving.

The latest version includes more exercises like three additional yoga, three additional strength-training workouts and mini-games to its original menu of workouts, in addition to expert guidance that teaches you how to get the most calorie burn out of your workout. (more…)

Jillian Michaels to Release Fitness Ultimatum 2024 for Wii and DS

jillian michaels fitness ultimatum 2010Just in time for fall, Jillian Michaels is adding to her Wii Fit library with the Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 2024 for Wii and Jillian Michaels’ Pocket Trainer 2024 for Nintendo DS.

As a follow-up to her Fitness Ultimatum 2024, this new game challenges players to a Hell Week-style boot camp featuring one-on-one workouts and all-new core exercises in cardio training, strength training, and balance training super-set routines. The game includes new additions like the “Fitness Resolution” in which you plan your six-month workout routine with a training schedule and the “Exercise with Jillian” component, which provides you with a one-on-one game with a 3D avatar of Jillian Michaels that demonstrates pre-made or custom routines. (more…)

EA Sports Active Launches More Workouts for Holiday Season

ea sports more workoutsEA Sports Active, the fitness program for Nintendo Wii is launching 30 new workouts. Set to hit North American stores on November 17, 2024, the More Workouts will emphasize abdominal and core exercises, feature a Six-Week Challenge, and an all-new presentation will take you to the tropics to immerse yourself in warm weather activities like waterskiing and paddle surfing. It will be perfect for those cold winter days when you can only dream about warm weather, and your indoor workouts need some new life.

These new EA Sports Active workouts will greatly expand their current database of more than 25 calorie-burning, muscle-toning exercises and activities in addition to access to daily progress reports and virtual personal trainers that you can use from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s a closer look at these new workouts: (more…)

Didget is a New Blood Glucose Meter for Nintendo DS

didget nintendo dsIt’s not much of a surprise that Paul Wessel noticed that his son, diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, was often misplacing his blood glucose meter, but seemed to almost always have his Nintendo DS by his side. What makes Paul special is that he used this observation to invent a blood glucose meter that his son is less likely to lose and more likely to use. We know that developing health habits can be difficult, and it can be harder for children who have not had an opportunity to fully develop discipline and who may not understand the consequences they face. Children need the help of their parents to provide the lessons, reinforcement, structure, and tools that can assist them in developing healthy habits. (more…)

Couple Gets Fit with EA Sports Active 30-Day Challenge

Donny and Kari Claxton at Yosemite.

We recently announced a new fitness game for the Wii, EA SPORTS Active, releasing in May. As part of that product launch, EA has partnered with Bob Greene, Alison Sweeney and a few other gamers and bloggers, including Donny and Kari Claxton. They will join a 30-day challenge, beginning with a retreat with the aforementioned celebs in California, and then have 30 days to use the EA SPORTS Active and journal their experience. We invited Donny and Kari to share their thoughts prior to starting the challenge, and they’ll join us again at the completion. Good luck Donny and Kari!

Kari, a Dallas-area homemaker, and Donny Claxton, a public relations executive, are joining a new adventure together for the benefit of themselves and their seven children by beginning the 30-day challenge using the soon-to-be-released EA SPORTS Active—an interactive and customized home fitness product for the Nintendo Wii that gives one the benefit of a “personal trainer in a box.”

Donny often tells Kari she’s in very good shape.  She’s been using a version of the Atkins diet for the past year or so.  Donny, who has struggled with weight issues since college, admits he has bad eating habits, including a breakfast, with a large sweetened iced tea and a biscuit.  Kari, on the other hand, has Kashi cereal for breakfast, eats very little bread and as few carbs as possible. (more…)

EA Sports Active Personal Trainer for the Wii

ea sports active personal trainerDuring the past year the Wii Fit has become a breakthrough in fitness for many would-be couch potatoes. And while some reports say that the reality of the Wii Fit is that most of them aren’t being used for fitness, but rather gathering dust in the more than 1.5 million homes with one, more games keep coming out.

This past year, Jillian Michaels’ released her own Fitness Ultimatum for the Wii to lack-luster reviews, and there are rumors that the Biggest Loser will release its own game. But before that, the show’s host Alison Sweeney is giving EA Sports Active Personal Trainer a try.

“When do I have time to go to the gym? It really is like a personal trainer in a box. It’s perfect. I recommend it to all mothers!”, raves the new mom about the game that releases May 19. Alison is also joining 11 others in a 30-Day Challenge, to be the first to try the new game and report their progress. The challenge begins with a spa retreat hosted by Bob Greene, and it’s no surprise that his involvement earned the product a Best Life seal of approval. Other participants include web celebs, mommy bloggers, gamers and daddy bloggers. (more…)

The Reality of Wii Fit

wii fitThe Wii Fit has been on the market for about a year now, which means people can finally decide whether or not it is truly a meaningful fitness tool, or just a hyped-up game. Forbes took a look at the Wii Fit, which they say is now in 1.5 million homes. They asked the question “is anyone really using it?” and the answer may not surprise you.

Not really, says Brian Crecente, managing editor of the popular gaming blog Kotaku. Despite optimistic predictions that Nintendo had unleashed a new era of videogames, Crecente calls Wii Fit little more than an exercise fad that’s bound to come and go like any other. “I don’t know a single person who has bought the game who uses it routinely after a month,” he claims, stressing that getting results from the game requires dedication and real physical exertion.

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Nintendo DS Delivers Cooking Lessons and Healthy Recipes

Personal Trainer: Cooking is one of the latest innovations by game giant, Nintendo. Featuring your own private chef, via the hand-held Nintendo DS system, you’ll be walked though almost 250 recipes from around the world. It’s kind of like having your favorite chef from The Food Network to interact with and instruct how to prepare a sumptuous meal from your own kitchen.

Personal Trainer: Cooking has a few super cool features that deserve to be highlighted.

  • Create Your Own Shopping List: As you browse though the recipes, you can select and then store the ingredients you’ll need to purchase from the grocery store on your DS. Just take your DS with you and instantly access your shopping list. (more…)