EA Sports Active Launches More Workouts for Holiday Season

ea sports more workoutsEA Sports Active, the fitness program for Nintendo Wii is launching 30 new workouts. Set to hit North American stores on November 17, 2024, the More Workouts will emphasize abdominal and core exercises, feature a Six-Week Challenge, and an all-new presentation will take you to the tropics to immerse yourself in warm weather activities like waterskiing and paddle surfing. It will be perfect for those cold winter days when you can only dream about warm weather, and your indoor workouts need some new life.

These new EA Sports Active workouts will greatly expand their current database of more than 25 calorie-burning, muscle-toning exercises and activities in addition to access to daily progress reports and virtual personal trainers that you can use from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s a closer look at these new workouts:

  • New Warm-up and Cool Down Stations: Four new exercises will warm up your body before a workout routine and four cool down exercises will stretch the muscles after a workout and help maintain flexibility.
  • New Abdominal Exercises: Four new workouts target your mid-section and will help tone your core.
  • 6-Week Challenge: This total-body, structured fitness plan accommodates both experienced 30-Day Challengers and new users of EA Sports Active. It works out all major body parts, adapts to your level of fitness and lets you track your progress week by week.

Compatibility with EA Sports Active Personal Trainer: These new workouts will transfer your data from the Active Personal Trainer and carry over your previous goals and trophies from four previous weeks of working out with the Active Personal Trainer.

If you’re a Wii enthusiast or know someone who is looking for a fun and cost-effective way to get in shape this winter, you can easily cross off one holiday gift from your list right now.

Order your EA Sports Active More Workouts today!

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