Nintendo DS Delivers Cooking Lessons and Healthy Recipes

Personal Trainer: Cooking is one of the latest innovations by game giant, Nintendo. Featuring your own private chef, via the hand-held Nintendo DS system, you’ll be walked though almost 250 recipes from around the world. It’s kind of like having your favorite chef from The Food Network to interact with and instruct how to prepare a sumptuous meal from your own kitchen.

Personal Trainer: Cooking has a few super cool features that deserve to be highlighted.

  • Create Your Own Shopping List: As you browse though the recipes, you can select and then store the ingredients you’ll need to purchase from the grocery store on your DS. Just take your DS with you and instantly access your shopping list.
  • Hands-free Instruction: Even if you’re hands are full of batter or bread crumbs, the voice recognition device allows you to simply call out if you need to turn the page or need the instructions repeated.
  • Cook Healthy: If you’re in the mood for cooking on the lighter side, select dishes based upon their caloric content. Love the antioxidant punch of blueberries? Search and select recipes that contain this purple nutrient powerhouse.
  • Learn Expert Tips: Chefs make it look so easy, but when given the task to fillet a piece of trout, you have no idea where to begin. Personal Trainer: Cooking offers detailed and interactive instruction for beginning and advanced cooking techniques that will make you look like the next Bobby Flay.

This software program is loaded with fun features that are perfect for the newbie cook or the well-seasoned one. You can buy Personal Trainer: Cooking retails for about $21 and is available online and with major retailers.

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