Nintendo’s New Wii Fit Plus

wii fit plusThe new Wii Fit Plus is the latest creation by Ninetendo and features all of the bells and whistles of one of the top-selling home entertainment games of all time.

Just released during the first week of October, the Wii Fit Plus has a few added tricked-out features which will help inspire even the glued-to-the-television couch-potatoes to stand up, press play and get moving.

The latest version includes more exercises like three additional yoga, three additional strength-training workouts and mini-games to its original menu of workouts, in addition to expert guidance that teaches you how to get the most calorie burn out of your workout.

Plenty of recent research has shown that daily food journaling is an effective way to lose weight, control portions and maintain weight once your diet goal has been met. Wii Fit Plus capitalizes on this growing body of evidence with its new food journal that allows you to input what you ate, how much you ate and how many calories you consumed. It then subtracts your food intake from the calories burned during your workout.

Remember that the interface system keeps track of your data including weight, height, age and BMI. This information allows the program to calculate how many calories you burned during your workout as well as how far you need to go to meet your health goals for the day. Just keep in mind that its reliance on BMI as its sole computation of progress is not the only way to track weight loss and fitness goals.

If you already have the original Wii Fit, you can upgrade for $19.99. If you’re a Wii Fit newbie, the entire package including the Balance Board, exercises and virtual trainers can run about $99, $10 more than the first edition.

Here is’s complete review of the new Wii Fit Plus.

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