Hollie Self’s Biggest Loser Season 9 Episode 5 Back Stage Pass

Week five of Biggest Loser nine is shaping up to possibly be the most intense episode yet this season. As two teams return to the ranch to vie for a chance to stay, another contestant is in an emergency situation and we’re teased that he will be going home permanently. Hearts will be pounding inside and out of the gym this week.hollie self and jillian michaels

If you’re a fan of the show, there’s even more reason to tune-in to Biggest Loser this week. For the first time in the nearly ten-season history of the show, a former contestant is working behind the scenes to actually create this episode.

A member of season four’s remarkable black team, Hollie Self, who continues to eat, breathe and live this healthy, active lifestyle two years later, is a story editor and played a key role in producing this week’s episode. Hollie answered a few questions about her role with Biggest Loser, and she’ll return Wednesday in an exclusive video for DietsInReview.com to tell us about some of the behind the scenes action that went in to making this episode.

What is your official title on Biggest Loser?
Story Editor. A Story Editor/ Story Producer is a non-standardized reality television term for a writer/producer who may be involved (at any level of pre- to post-production) in producing/editing source footage to create and nuance
a story. During the post-production process (after filming), most either work directly
with editors or provide detailed paper edits for editors to work from.

Describe your role or involvement in this episode?
Basically, my producing team was on set every day that shooting for
this particular episode occurred. We observe what is happening and
create the structure of the episode based on what we are seeing in the
field (on the Ranch). After we have competed filming (after
elimination), my partner and I go into post-production with all of the
footage. Then we spend the next several weeks watching footage, and
creating a rough draft so to speak of the actual episode. Once the
“stories” make sense (thus the term, “story editor” and “story
producer”), we begin work with our fantastic editors, who add in
music, effects, and polish our episode up so it is ready for

hollie self biggest loserIs this the first time a contestant has done this?
I cannot speak for any other reality shows, but I am the first Biggest Loser
contestant who has worked in this capacity on this series. Over the
last two years, I have also been a transcriber, an assistant, and a
live logger for the series, working on Seasons 5, 7, and 8 as well.
Season 9 is my first story editing position.

Is there a theme or title for the episode?
Oh wow- I am not sure what the title of this episode is! The theme
would definitely be “Overcoming Obstacles.” This particular week
proved to be difficult for a variety of reasons for our contestants-
though everyone is overcoming a different type of obstacle for sure.
At this point they have been on the Ranch for about 30 days, and are
starting to get the feel for the Ranch and its rigors…or not!

Any highlights from the episode?
Well, as viewers, you know that the Blue/Yellow Teams have been
working hard at home for 30 days and are about to come back to the
Ranch and see who gets to stay and compete- you can’t miss it!

Also, I obviously hear the talk and see that a lot of people are upset with
this team or that team, and like so and so, but dislike whoever else.
I really love this episode because I think you will see why I have a
special place in my heart for every single person on the Ranch- you’ll
see some sides of people that you haven’t before- and get to know
almost everyone on the Ranch a little better after [Tuesday] night! Even
though I have seen this episode about 15 times, I still laugh at parts
and cry at parts- hopefully you will, too!

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