We Love Custom Cereal from Me & Goji

me and gojiYou could stroll down the grocery aisle and choose your same ‘ole familiar box of cereal, made by someone you don’t know and the only creative input you have is which bowl to pour it in. Or, you could make your own. The folks at [Me] & Goji have re-inspired breakfast, giving you a fun, hands-on approach to breakfast with natural and organic ingredients.

The [Me] & Goji site creates an interactive environment where you custom build your own cereal, you even get to name it! It works like this:

me and goji cereal1. Choose your cereal name. We chose [DietsInReview] & Goji.

2. Choose your cereal base. You’ll make a selection of your favorite base from six varieties, including Samurai Wheat, Flaxed and Flaked and Granola. We chose Samurai Wheat, a sugarless mini wheat.

3. Choose your mix-ins. This is where it gets interesting. There are 17 mix-ins to choose from, including oat bran, cinnamon, chocolate chips, quinoa or choco cranberries. We chose cacao nibs.

4. Choose your fruits. There are 15 choices here and go from the ordinary (raisins, cherries, or blueberries) to the extraordinary (goji berries, currants, mango or coconut. We chose dried cherries, and they are plump and delicious.

me and goji cereal5. Choose your nuts. Add some crunch to your custom cereal and choose from 15 seeds and nuts, like pumpkin or sesame seeds and macadamia, pistachios or soy nuts. We chose sliced almonds.

6. Go green and order. [Me] & Goji gives you the opportunity to pay $1.00 (toward the Bonneville Environmental Foundation) to “more than offset” the CO2 emissions generated by the creation and delivery of your cereal.

After that, your cereal delivers in this convenient capsule, which is hand-signed by the person who handmade your custom cereal. It’s really pretty cool. Not to mention scrumptious! I like my cereal sans sugar, so I only add a little skim milk and it’s a filling breakfast I feel good about eating.

You will pay more than you would for the grocery store variety (our blend was $9.65), but the flavor and health factor are certainly worth it.

Save 10% on your [Me] & Goji order now. Submit coupon code DIR10 at checkout. Expires 3/8/09.

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