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MojaMix – A Unique Custom Cereal Blend and Free Giveaway


When Thomas and his partner Noberto came to the U.S. from Europe, they were hungry for a cereal that tasted good and equally important was being good for then.  They were amazed at the cereal options lining the shelves in the grocery stores, yet either found them unappealing in taste or the ingredients being used were low quality and unhealthy. Enter MojaMix. In 2021 their idea launched from the mixing and matching of whole grains, nuts, seeds, and fruits.  All ingredients are sourced from local farmers and a majority of them are also fully organic.

When I spoke with Thomas I asked him what he felt was a big differentiator for MojaMix and he immediately said variety. Even at a Whole Foods where you can create your own granola mixes you don’t have all the options MojaMix offers with goji berries, hemp seeds and cacao nibs as just some of the examples of their extensive offering. (more…)

We Love Custom Cereal from Me & Goji

me and gojiYou could stroll down the grocery aisle and choose your same ‘ole familiar box of cereal, made by someone you don’t know and the only creative input you have is which bowl to pour it in. Or, you could make your own. The folks at [Me] & Goji have re-inspired breakfast, giving you a fun, hands-on approach to breakfast with natural and organic ingredients.

The [Me] & Goji site creates an interactive environment where you custom build your own cereal, you even get to name it! It works like this: (more…)

Me & Goji Delivers Custom Healthy Cereal to Your Door

There’s a new health food company on the block. [Me] & goji may have a peculiar name, but the thought behind it is very sane (and inventive). They are a bit like Kashi, in that they take healthy, sometimes exotic ingredients, and come up with tasty cereals that are great for starting your busy day.

The difference with [me] & goji is that they offer a customizable buffet of ingredients for their customers. The company collects healthy foods from around the world, and then they leave it to you to fuse them in combinations that satisfy your tastes and nutritional needs. Then they deliver your custom concoction to your doorstep. (more…)