17 Day Diet Cookbook’s Nutrition is “Meticulous,” Says Dr. Mike Moreno

UPDATE: 4/25/12: On today’s episode of The Doctors, Dr. Mike Moreno made an appearance to promote his new 17 Day Diet Cookbook. He demonstrated one of his recipes, a baked pork chop that resembled a traditional fried pork chop but had one-third the calories and significantly less saturated fat. Also in that episode, DietsInReview.com’s most popular diets of 2024 list was featured, with 17 Day Diet at the top. See a clip from the episode now:

Make room on your kitchen shelves because today a new cookbook releases. The long anticipated follow-up to The 17 Day Diet is available online and in stores today, and you can be cooking healthier, diet-friendly meals by dinner time. The 17 Day Diet Cookbook, authored by Dr. Mike Moreno, provides 80 meals that align with cycles one, two, and three of the like-named diet. It’s the low-calorie icing on an explosive publishing year that also produced a version of The 17 Day Diet in Spanish and a 17 Day Diet Workbook, as well as a reprint of the original self-published title under its new publisher, Free Press. On top of all of that, 17 Day Diet was the most popular diet of 2024 here at DietsInReview.com.

“This cookbook was meticulously done in terms of nutrition,” Dr. Mike told us in a recent interview. He seemed impressed by the number of followers who had gone out and created recipes for the weight loss plan, but says this book will keep them from “sabotaging” the nutritional principles in the book. He knows that after a while the same old rotation of recipes can be a drag, and he’s excited to share with his legions of 17 Day followers some inspired new ways to stick to the plan and eat food that’s bold, interesting, and simple.

“These recipes don’t have a lot of prep and they don’t have a lot of ingredients,” he said. It’s true! The recipes include healthful ingredients you probably keep on hand or can easily find at any grocery store. He called the recipes simple and enjoyable, and “very, very good.”

The good doctor might be talented, but he’s humble enough to admit that he didn’t create these recipes. “I’m not a chef,” he laughed, stating the obvious. “I did not sit down and do these recipes. I did have a lot of input from a nutritional standpoint.” As for the talented chefs he did hire, Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarborough, he refers to them as “the masterminds.”

The culinary duo became familiar with the parameters of The 17 Day Diet, and developed recipes for each day of each cycle. Dr. Mike would then review each ingredient and its placement within a particular cycle and the team would work together to make necessary adjustments.

The beauty of this cookbook is that, following this diet or not, anyone can use it to improve the health quality of their home-cooked meals. If you’re on The 17 Day Diet, you can turn page-by-page for a daily meal plan with recipes that perfectly align with your goals. If you enjoy cooking with fresh ingredients to make simple, delicious dishes, then the book’s also for you.

With 80 recipes to choose from you’ll have no trouble finding a favorite. For Dr. Mike, the answer to that question was a no-brainer, it’s the Migas. He called it a “Mexican scramble” and cited his love of spicy food for his enjoyment of this go-getter breakfast.

You can sample a couple of The 17 Day Diet recipes here: Green Tea Spiked Applesauce and No-Fuss Eggplant Parm.

The 17 Day Diet Cookbook is available on Amazon

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