4 Easy Ways to Fight Cellulite at Home

I was perusing the internet recently when I came across something that has been haunting me lately: The C word. You all know it, and you all don’t love it. That’s right: cellulite. Everyone hates cellulite, and as I have gotten older, I have certainly grown to be just like everyone else. Cellulite may be natural, but it is the worst!

Here’s what it looks like up close. Basically, when your fat is pushed up against your skin, it sometimes presses through fibers in your tissue, giving it a wrinkled, dimply appearance. It’s the same fat as anywhere else on your body, but because of these fibers it looks totally different.


But there is good news! There are ways to combat cellulite, and it’s not just about exercise. 

AVOID: Alcohol, foods high in sugar, foods high in salt, fried foods, sugary alcohol beverages, and packaged snack foods. I hate to break it to you, guys, but these things that we already know are bad for us really, truly are bad for us. Especially in regards to cellulite. If you don’t want cellulite, don’t give in.

EAT: Fruits and vegetables, especially greens, carrots, broccoli and plenty of other vegetables that are full of antioxidants and water—which definitely fight cellulite. Also, try healthy fats! Olives, nuts, fish, oil, and avocados are full of monounsaturated fats—which are good for you. Cellulite is fat directly under your skin, but none of these foods will cause that. They will only help your body and metabolism become more toned and healthy, which will fight against visible fat pockets.

DO: Work out, especially weight training that strengthens the areas of your body that are hard to reach, which, not coincidentally, are usually the areas that cellulite grows. And don’t forget about cardiovascular activity, which will help you shed fat. Cross-training is, in general, a good idea but even more so when trying to fight against cellulite. By burning fat and building muscle you’ll minimize the appearance of any cellulite you already have.

TRY: Exfoliating, hydrating, and tanning (spray tanning!) your skin. These are all great, sorta sneaky, and quick ways to help hide cellulite that may already be there. Of course, eating right and exercising are the most effective ways to avoid cellulite, but taking extra good care of your skin is a great idea, as well. Plus, it makes you feel beautiful. Get to scrubbing!


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