5 Virus Fighting Foods That Make Colds Disappear

We’re incredibly close to spring, but that does not mean that cold and flu season is gone just yet. Here’s a list of delicious foods that also help strengthen the immune system and stave off germs and illness. Because you should not have to sacrifice your taste buds to stay healthy and eat well. 


This superfood, which is made of ground sesame seeds, is most often used as a paste. Tahini can be used as a dip and it’s also added to other foods—including hummus and baba ghanoush—to enhance flavor. Yes, it is high in calories but sticking to two tablespoons a day is just fine, especially considering the high amount of magnesium and zinc which are both important for building a stronger immune system.



Black Pepper
Surprising, but true. And isn’t it nice that one of the most popular seasonings in the world can help build your immune system? Black pepper is simply ground black peppercorn, and although it can make us sneeze (a lot), it’s also high in piperine. Studies have shown a wide variety of uses stemmed from piperine, namely pain relief, the potential to diminish the characteristics of depression, and its ability to ward off fevers.


coconut oil

Coconut Oil
I would guess that no one’s surprised coconut oil helps to build a healthy immune system—after all, it’s all the rage these days. There are few natural products as diverse as coconut oil. It’s great for moisturizing and cleaning skin, nourishing hair, and cooking, among other things. It’s also high in lauric acid which, once in your digestive system, converts to monolaurin, a compound in breast milk that strengthens a baby’s immune system.



Although we may not indulge in many berries during cold season we should—even if they’re frozen. Blueberries and raspberries are extremely high in antioxidants, which assist your body in fighting off all kinds of nasty viruses. And, blueberries are rich in phytochemicals which potentially to help break down even potentially terminal illnesses. Good and good for you!

chicken soup

Chicken Noodle Soup
Not to worry, there are a few comfort foods that help fight off a colds and flus. Chicken noodle soup (and most soups, in fact) have the fluids necessary to fight viruses and build a healthy immune system. Beyond that, a steaming bowl of soup can clear congestion and thin the mucus that has made its way into your chest, throat, and nose. So yes, Mom’s chicken noodle soup is making you feel better in your head, heart, and mind.

Happy eating, and stay well!

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