Answers to The 17 Day Diet Frequently Asked Questions, with Dr. Mike Moreno

The hottest diet of the year is without a doubt The 17 Day Diet by Dr. Mike Moreno. The original self-published book couldn’t keep up with the demands generated by endorsements from Dr. Phil and The Doctors. Earlier this month, Dr. Mike Moreno republished through Simon and Schuster and The 17 Day Diet is now available through national booksellers.

Since November when the book debuted, many questions have been asked by followers of the diet and by those considering the diet. We sat down with Dr. Mike to clarify the most commonly asked questions by our readers.

Here are your questions about The 17 Day Diet, and Dr. Mike’s answers:

Is The 17 Day Diet Appropriate for Diabetics?

“Absolutely, it’s a diabetic’s best friend,” whether type 1 or type 2, diabetics will realize weight loss.

Dr. Mike says that for type 2 diabetics, some followers have reduced or completely gotten off their medications because the diet helps them to better control their sugars.

For type 1 diabetics, he’s spoken with endocrinologists who say The 17 Day Diet is appropriate, but you’ll just need to “check your sugars more diligently.”

Is The 17 Day Diet Appropriate for Vegetarians?

Dr. Mike says it is, you’ll just modify the protein suggestions. Instead of fish or chicken, you’ll use soy, dairy or legumes. He cautions that vegetarians are at risk for protein deficiency, so be sure you’re not skipping this important nutrient.

Try these vegetarian protein alternatives.

How can people replace fish or seafood in The 17 Day Diet?

You can sub with any of your choice of lean proteins, suggests Dr. Mike. Pork, turkey, lean ground beef or filets, and chicken are all acceptable substitutions if you don’t like fish or have any other reason to avoid it.

What is the Recommended Rate of Weight Loss on The 17 Day Diet?

Dr. Mike shared a break down for the amount of weight you should safely lose within each cycle. Pounds lost are based on a 200 pound person.

  • Cycle 1: 5-10% of total body weight, or 10-20 pounds.
  • Cycle 2: Half of cycle 1, or 5-10 pounds.
  • Cycle 3: Half of cycle 2, or 2.5-5 pounds.

If by the end of cycle 3 you haven’t reached your goal, jump back to cycle 1 and continue until you do. Cycle 4 is for maintenance once you’ve reached your goal.

Why Am I Gaining Weight on The 17 Day Diet?

Dr. Mike says that for those experiencing a weight gain on the diet, rather than a loss, can likely chalk it up to one of these five reasons:

1. Underhydrated
2. Breaking the strict rule for “no carbs – like fruit – after 2 p.m.
3. Not practicing portion control, especially when the starches and carbs are reintroduced
4. Need to increase amount of time and intensity of cardio workouts
5. If you lift weights, use lower weights and more reps with longer wait time between each (muscle is heavier than fat and will cause a weight gain)

What Kind of Popcorn Do you Recommend for The 17 Day Diet?

Dr. Mike says you need to go old school – homemade, air-popped popcorn that’s plain. But his recipe for this plain popcorn sounds downright scrumptious: plain, air-popped popcorn, topped with sea salt and olive oil. Delicious, right?

If you have to get microwave popcorn, he says stick with the plain and low-fat options, being aware of the butter substitutes.

Is There an Alternative for Green Tea on The 17 Day Diet?

“This seems to be the bane of everyone’s complaints,” says Dr. Mike. If the green tea isn’t agreeing with you (he cites taste and constipation as common problems), he recommends visiting your health food store to find a supplement. If you can handle one cup a day, then supplement with the capsules for the other two.

Ask your own question about The 17 Day Diet. It may be used in a future interview with Dr. Mike!

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6 Responses to Answers to The 17 Day Diet Frequently Asked Questions, with Dr. Mike Moreno

Cw says:

I am entering Cycle 11& no where do I find a recipe for the “Lean Granola”!!

Dave Duit says:

Here are my numbers and review of the 17 Day Diet. 51 year old started the Diet Oct.1st, 2017. My start weight was 266, today Feb. 5th, 2018 I’m at 185. Total weight loss of 81 pounds. Start total cholesterol of 280, today at 102. Blood pressure start at average of 148/98, today 105/68. Was on high blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds and heart burn meds and I used to snore. Today, no meds and I no longer snore. I never had cravings or felt hunger pains on the diet. I set my mind to do it and followed the instructions to the T. This was a life changing diet and I want to thank Dr. Mike for helping me become healthy and fit.
Dave Duit

Arlene Dixon says:

How many rounds did you do?

Darlene Revell says:

I have two questions about your diet which I have tried 3 times now and love the results. Where and when can you eat avocados and is Kombucha a acceptable pro-biotic drink. I can’t tolerate the caffeine in Green tea! Thanks

Darlene Revell says:

Love your diet, have done it several times and enjoy the results. Question? Where and when can you eat avocados and is Kombucha a acceptable pro-biotic as I cannot tolerate the green tea 3 times a day…too much caffeine! Thanks

Mark says:

Can acai no sugar be used for 17 day diet as a fruit

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