Bachelor Sean Lowe’s Abs Recipe: HIIT Training and Small Meals

Whether you’re female, male, a fan, or not a fan of the Bachelor’s Sean Lowe, it may have crossed your mind a time or two how this hottie got that amazing body of his. From what we’ve dug up, it looks like he’s putting in a lot of effort in the gym and the kitchen.

Sean has been working with his personal trainer, Sagi Kalev, since before he was cast on The Bachelorette for Emily Maynard’s season. Kalev put Lowe on his three-part body beast regimen that consists of high intensity interval training, fast and heavy weight lifting, and some serious focus on proper nutrition.

When Sean’s not spending all of his time filming on the show, he’s putting a lot of focus into eating a year-round healthy diet. His nutrition is based on eating 5-6 portioned meals a day with lean proteins, low glycemic carbohydrates, and essential fats (with some pizza and whoopie pies thrown in every once in awhile).

According to Lowe’s sister Shay, on her own family blog, Lowe was extremely busy while filming for the shows so he had to work with what he had when it came to his diet. That may explain the extra pop of abs in all of his photo shoots compared to his shirtless sightings on the show.

Lowe’s trainer, Kalev, happened to do a lot of talking up for the guy during an interview with the Huffington Post.

“Working with Sean, I knew that he was going to be under a lot of pressure. That’s a lot of stress. The difference between training him and training anyone else, you have to take your shirt off and you have to work on so many different avenues. You have to work on your confidence,” said Kalev. “Sean would be an amazing trainer. He’s a very caring guy. He’s very pleasant and he’s very intelligent. He’s very sincere. To be a great trainer you really have to care about other people and listen, and Sean really listens.”

Should dancing not work out for Sean on his upcoming appearance on Dancing with the Stars, he’s still got a shot as a personal trainer. Anyone looking for an upgrade?

He’s not the first fit and sexy Bachelor to join the dancing show! Jake Pavelka danced off 10 pounds!

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