Beyonce’s Top 5 Killer Workout Moves Celebrate Let’s Move’s 5th Anniversary

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Celebs like Beyonce are sharing quick workout tips to help Michelle Obama celebrate the 5th anniversary of Let’s Move!

A-listers like Ryan Seacrest, Kerry Washington, Hugh Jackman, and John Legend have joined in on the fun by capturing a workout move on video. They’re all sharing videos of themselves doing five reps of a favorite exercise with the hashtag #gimmefive. A fitting tribute to a program that’s raised significant awareness for physical activity in the last five years!

Bey went the extra mile and shared five of her go-to moves that keep the Flawless singer in such great shape.

Try Beyonce’s killer workout moves yourself:

1. Standing side crunch with leg raise. No wonder she has such a little middle! When doing this move yourself, keep your belly button pulled in tight, shoulders square. Don’t twist at the waist to make sure you really hit the obliques.

2. Weighted V-ups. Sit ups target the abs but bringing the legs into the mix will engage the lower abs as well, making sure you hit all six of those 6-pack abs.

3. Dumbbell Jabs. Keep your core tight to protect your back and engage the abs as you punch. This move targets the arms, chest and core, but if you move it fast enough, you’ll get a great calorie burn. Keep the elbows in close and the weight light to protect your joints.

4. Bench up and overs. These are great for the butt and thighs and the upward movement jacks up the heart rate to blast calories. Be careful and watch your step! If you need more stability, position yourself facing the wall so you can use it to keep your balance.

5. Lunges. Bootylicious. Need we say more?

You can get in on the fun, too! Make your own video of yourself doing your go-to move and tag it #gimmefive to show your support!

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