Biggest Loser Recap Season 9 Week 11: The Contestants Return to the Ranch

This was one of the most intense, nail-biting episodes of the season. Emotions ran high for everyone with the constant threat of going home, plus the reunion with all of their eliminated friends and foes. The episode opens with Alison revealing a table with everyone’s colored shirts. No more black versus blue; it’s individuals. Everyone was excited to put their shirts back on and ditch the tension of team animosity.

The surprises didn’t stop there, though. Alison then turned to see a wall open and all of the eliminated contestants were standing on the stage. They were there to earn their place back on the ranch. In previous seasons the contestants had to weigh-in and the person with the highest percentage of weight loss would be welcomed back to the competition. However, this time, they would be chosen by a vote. This took everyone off guard, with John commenting that it would likely come down to a popularity vote.

The contestants still weighed in, revealing some impressive work done by many of the them at home during the past ten weeks. After that, each of the remaining contestants took their turn announcing their vote and why they were choosing that person. It really wasn’t a popularity contest, more than anything it was an opportunity for everyone to show they were all there for the right reasons, as it was a head-to-head competition between John and Victoria, two people who desperately needed the opportunity to return. In the end, Michael cast the final vote and said he was proud to be the first person to welcome Victoria back to the ranch.

But wait there’s more! Alison reveals another surprise – another contestant would have the opportunity to earn his or her place back on the ranch. Everyone is ushered outside where the returning contestants face-off in a step challenge; the first to reach 1000 is back in the game. From the start it’s a race to the finish between Melissa and Miggy, two of the fiercest competitors in the bunch. It didn’t take long for Melissa to reach the mark and reclaim her position in the house.

“Now that Melissa is back it’s going to keep everyone else on their toes,” commented trainer Bob Harper upon learning of the two new additions to the house. He and Jillian were both very pleased to see that everyone had chosen Victoria, given the possibility for her to be a huge threat.

There wasn’t a challenge this week, nor a temptation, given all the other events going on in the house. However, there was drama that could not go unnoticed. Koli and Ashley are seen having a conversation discussing how they do not trust Stephanie and they accuse her of throwing the week nine weigh-in, in which she lost only two pounds and it resulted in sending Ashley’s mom Sherry home. As these things tend to do, the news made it’s way back to Stephanie who was hurt by the accusations and by the realization that those she considered friends were not. It made for a tough training week for Stephanie.

Everyone posted lackluster numbers at the weigh-in. However, there was one inspiring moment that touched everyone, and even brought Bob to tears. After 15 years of barely being able to climb stairs, O’Neal strongly walked up the steps to the scale one foot in front of the other.

With the contestants playing as individuals, the yellow line was back in the game and the two players with the lowest percentage of weight loss fell below and were up for elimination. In a sort of worst-case-scenario, those two players were Sam and Stephanie; the two have been dating since week three. Seen holding hands underneath the elimination table, the votes were cast and one-by-one it was Stephanie who was sent packing.

Finally, in a never before seen moment on Biggest Loser, Alison was live from the ranch with a special guest, Wayne Vandenlangenberg. A fan of the show who once weighed 674 pounds, he was told he had to lose the weight or he’d die. Doing the work all on his own, and following the Biggest Loser’s suggestions, Wayne stepped on that famous scale weighing 256 pounds, celebrating an astonishing 418 pound weight loss! Living proof that you don’t need the ranch, and anyone who sets their mind to losing the weight and keeping it off can absolutely do it.

Amanda Arlauskas was unable to contribute this week’s recap. Please tune-in next week to see her video recap!

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