Coleen’s Biggest Loser Recap 7-11

After eliminating Mandi, Ali calls the black team in to join her with the blue team. She reminds them to “expect the unexpected” and let’s them know that Mandi isn’t the only person heading home. All of the contestants are going home for a week and will be back to the ranch for the next weigh-in.

sugar cookiesOnce the players are reunited with their loved ones, a ring of the door bell delivers them each a surprise. A big team colored tin with a Biggest Loser logo. Inside they each find a DVD and 13 enormous sugar cookies. The DVD is of Ali telling them not to lose focus because there is still a weigh-in and that their challenge this week, in addition to the challenge of being at home, is to run a half-marathon. The person with the fastest time will win $10,000. There is an opportunity to give a penalty to any player – for every cookie you eat, you can hand out a five minute penalty. Race day arrives and all the players start the half-marathon out strong. Even with all the aches and pains that come with this challenge, everyone makes it through. The players pack up, say goodbye to their families and head back to the ranch to see if their hard work at home has paid off.

Ali greets everyone to give the results of the marathon. When the race times come it, it’s a close call between Sione and Tara. Tara has him beat by slightly over a minute but unfortunately for her, Helen has eaten a cookie against her adding five minutes to her race time and giving Sione the win. As we walk into the weigh-in, we are reminded that the blue team has yet to win a weigh-in.

With the black team’s awesome at-home weight loss, the blue team does not lose enough to win and walks themselves into the elimination room again. Cathy selflessly offers herself for elimination. The team follows through with her wish and sends her home. Cathy made my jaw drop to the ground when I saw how amazing she looks! She’s picked up a new, healthy addiction– SPINNING! Cathy is looking great and losing big, but she’s also inspiring those around her. Her daughters have caught the Biggest Loser bug and are shedding the pounds right next to their beautiful mom. See her post-elimination interview now.

4 Responses to Coleen’s Biggest Loser Recap 7-11

Lucy says:

I enjoyed that, glad I found it!

Wendy says:

I like the recaps even though I watch all the episodes :o) But not everyone finished the half marathon–Ron didn’t due to his knee. Just an FYI.

mary says:

this show is so inspirational. can not believe they were able to complete the half marathon, even Ron going 4 miles in inpressive

Robin says:

Great recap! As I watch the show, I keep wanting to apply, however I don’t have a partner. There are folks who won’t join with me even though I need it.

I was really proud of those folks who ate no cookies, however why did Aubrey not own up to eating that cookie against Tara? She let Helen take the heat. Tara is going to win this … if not her, it will be Mike (or at least I hope so!).

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