Coleen’s Biggest Loser Recap 7-12

When the contestants meet up with Ali Sweeney in the gym, she breaks some news. The teams are going to individuals. Ali tells everyone that you are the only person who controls your future and that they’ll be selecting which trainer they want to train with for the rest of the game. When the teams meet back, Jillian finds out that Mike, Tara, Helen and Laura will all stay with her, while Kristin, Filipe, Sione, Ron and Aubrey will train with Bob.

For their first challenge as individuals, the teams see blocks with each person’s current weight loss and scales with the player names. Ali tells everyone that during the first part of this challenge, each person will be dividing their weight loss blocks amongst their opponents. The total amount each person receives will be added in part two of the challenge. The winner of this week’s challenge gets immunity.

The teams meet Ali and NASCAR superstar Clint Bowyer at the racetrack and they find out that they’ll be pulling a car nearly a 1/2 mile. That car will weigh about two tons, unless during part one of the challenge you’ve had weight added to yours. Receiving the most additional weight were Tara and Helen. Helen, as a threat, earned herself and additional 215 lbs. and Tara an additional 257 lbs. Even though Tara had the extra weight added to her car, she pulled at a steady pace and passed Sione and Mike who were in the lead. Tara knocked out the competition and earned herself immunity and a victory lap from Clint Bowyer in the Cheerios Corvette!

At the weigh-in, Kristin breaks a Biggest Loser record by being the first female to lose 100 pounds on the ranch. Unfortunately for Filipe and Aubrey, the yellow line stung them and sent them to the elimination room at risk of going home.

At their first elimination as individuals, the votes sent yellow team’s Aubrey home. Aubrey is a strong competitor in this game and it’s pretty obvious she means business. Reality set in when she gained nine pounds the first few weeks at home. Aubrey is balancing being a mom, working out and life at home. She’s working towards her goal to lose 30 pounds by the finale and knows she’ll never let life go back to the way she used to be.

8 Responses to Coleen’s Biggest Loser Recap 7-12

Josh says:

As usual a great review Coleen! I was totally wondering if you were going to touch on Tara’s mini-breakdown at the beginning of the show. Great job staying neutral.. hehe.

Mary L says:

Tara, although I too am tired of the poor me syndrome, when push comes to shove, she is a beast….she is taking to all of them no matter how they try to break her or her spirit. You know what, I say,”You Go Girl!”

Shannon says:

I loved that Tara showed them up when they tried to take her down…she rules!

Ivette says:

I felt bad for Tara when they kept putting the the lbs on her side. She was so upset n so was I that wasn’t nice. but thats the game. I was hoping she wins. I would have want Mike to win because of the prize, but u know they abused her so for every1 that wanted her to loss she won. Tara u go girl keep it up!!!

Cassandra says:

I Loved this episode! Tara was awesome. I dont think she has a poor me syndrome. When push come to shove she gets it done! she is my hero!

Robin says:

I must say that it was a really tough episode for Tara! I loved that she still won the challenge after all the extra weight. I don’t think they meant it the way it come across, because she is a very tough competitor. I’m rooting for Mike and Tara … as they are my twwo favorites at this time.

Great job as usual Coleen! And I saw you and your dad during the show!

tony says:

no doubt about it tara “owns” this season
keep it up ya cute little powerhouse!!!

erin says:

i was reallly thrilled when tara won the immunity– not only because she had extra of the pounds that were added laughingly to her scale, but because she WOULD have been below the yellow line and she WOULD have been voted off.

i’m not ready for tara to go… anyone else, they may go as they please! 🙂

CURIOUS– how does it feel writing for the BL when you have been there? out of everyone, you and the BLers understand it the best! 🙂

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