Commit to Shape-Up Week with Alison Sweeney

Alison Sweeney announced on her Twitter page March 14th that she is starting a Shape-Up Week, using the hashtag #shapeupweek, the specifics of which she outlines in her book, The Mommy Diet.

Shape-Up Week is a week of clean eating, consistent exercise, and no slip-ups. It doesn’t fall on a specific calendar day, it’s any week you feel as though you need one to get back on track and kickstart your results and motivation. Your Shape-Up Week can be any week you choose- it is just a week where you recommit to your goals, and stick to them for an entire week.

According to Ali’s website, “…the bottom line is that this week I am going to focus on my health and fitness. It’s not just like any other week, when I work at health and fitness but win some and lose some.This week I am 100% goal-oriented. No sweets, no treats, no excuses.”

I know we preach moderation and poo-poo restriction, but sometimes a short period of time of strict focus is the perfect way to recommit to your goals, and quickly remind yourself and your body how great it feels to be back on track and prove that you can make the right decisions, no matter what temptations you are faced with.

Ali lays out her rules for Shape-Up Week in The Mommy Diet, but if you want to start your own, here are some ground rules for the next 7 days to get you started:

  • Eliminate processed foods. Eat clean with fresh fruits and veggies, lean proteins and whole grains. No extras.
  • Drink plenty of water everyday. Keep a bottle with you at all times and chug throughout the day. Avoid soda, alcohol, and sugary beverages.
  • Get at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise everyday.

Will you join Alison Sweeney in her commitment to Shape-Up Week?

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