Everyone Goes Home in Biggest Loser Season 11 Episode 9 Recap

The competition between the two teams is now even: 7 on 7. But guess what? Time to go home! Everyone will be going home for two weeks. They all seem really happy and excited to go home, but temptations abound. If I were in their position, I would not want to go home until my journey was close to being done. I feel like this would disrupt my groove  How will it affect the contestants?

This is where the waterworks begin. Everyone’s reveals are so emotional. Even being through it myself, I still get misty eyed when I watch people going through that on the show. It is so heart warming to show up after being away for so long becoming such a different person to see all your friends and family there to support you, crying along with you. This is also the time that you really have to hunker down and find your focus. All your friends and family want to see you and you have an extremely hard time saying no. Austin goes out with his friends for his 21st birthday and has to resist all the fries and cake that are there.  Courtney has it really hard actually going back to work at her family’s ice cream shop. There are unhealthy foods everywhere and she has to handle them constantly letting those temptations pass right underneath her nose!

One other caveat of going home is that they have to run a 5k when they get back to the ranch. Let the training begin! Everyone works out hard. Olivia drags herself out to Central Park in order to be able to run without stopping. Arthur and Jesse work out hard at a mixed martial arts gym. People are also having more breakthroughs. Arthur is able to fit into his car, quite comfortably now. Hannah gets back into her groove playing volleyball. But this time at home is short lived and the prospect of going back to the ranch is looming.

As it turns out, the 5k the contestants must run is the same as their first day on the ranch, on the curv treadmills.  The prize is the same as well, they get to choose their trainers. However, this time around they must do it on their own. People are going strong with Justin and Rulon finishing 1st and 2nd. It is then noticed that Sarah is going quite slow as to avoid having to make a decision. As everyone else is wrapping up, Sarah realizes that she needs to stop with that attitude and fight for herself. It is just up to her and Arthur at this point, and Arthur knows if he finishes last, he may end up on the Red team and have a good chance of going back home. Sarah kicks it into high gear and ends up edging out Arthur.

The trainers are in the gym waiting for the contestants to enter for the weigh in and reveal their choice.  People go back and forth each one choosing their original trainer until their is one spot left on each team and only Sarah and Arthur left. Sarah wants to get out of her comfort zone that she was in with Brett and Cara and decides to mix things up by going with Bob and Jillian, which means that Arthur lands on the red team. If the red team loses the weigh in, they will definitely send him home.

The black team is the first to weigh in. They put up phenomenal numbers, each one in the double digits, but they realize their success could spell Arthur’s doom. The red team’s numbers are not as good, with only Rulon and Austin posting in the double digits. Moses and Kaylee had a tough time at home. The only shot Arthur has is to beat out Rulon as the Biggest Loser of the week for his team. He puts up a great number with 16, but it is still 3 pounds shy of what he needs. Everyone gets extremely emotional as they all know Arthur is going home. This carries on to the elimination room. No one wants to send him home, but they don’t want to send home the other members of their team they have fought the battle of the bulge with. So alas, Arthur is sent home.

Arthur is a man who needed to be on the ranch in order to fix his problems, but from the look of things, he has taken the lessons that he has learned and continued his success at home to the tune of being down to 345 pounds! He looks great, feels great, and is keeping a positive attitude going forward. For more on this exciting season, as always, tune into NBC next Tuesday at 8/7c!

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