Food Blogger Spotlight: Kathryne Taylor of Cookie and Kate

I’m not quite sure how Kathryne Taylor of Cookie and Kate and I crossed paths, but I can’t express how happy I am that we did. Kate and her adorable pooch, Cookie, never cease to make me smile when I visit their site. Obviously Kate holds more creative control, but Cookie is there to catch all the crumbs, which is a noble duty if you ask me.

If you visit Kate’s blog expect to find some of the most creative, whole foods recipes on the web. Every time she publishes a post it feels like Christmas in my heart and I bookmark the recipe for later use. In fact, of all the bloggers I follow, I’ve made more of Kate’s recipes than anyone else’s and they’ve all been delicious! Especially her no cook fudge – simply a must.

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Kate about her blog and her approach to health. Here’s what she had to say.

Why did you start your food blog?

My blog didn’t start off as food blog, first of all! I was working in a stifling office job and decided I needed a creative project and an outlet for photography. I knew how to design websites, so I came up with a name that I hoped would be catchy and started posting about whatever struck my fancy. I eventually posted a salsa recipe and received positive feedback for it, and I fell head over heels for food photography as well. I posted more and more recipes, and my blog evolved into a food blog over time. I’m so happy with the way it has turned out, and it really is the most perfect creative outlet for me.

How would you describe your approach to eating/health?

I believe in eating real food (also known as whole foods—food that is as close to its source as possible). Processed foods and conventionally grown produce/meat are doing our bodies and environment harm, so I try to avoid them. I’m an avid supporter of the occasional indulgence. I strive to live a balanced lifestyle, basically. Eating well and being active are a big part of that.

Have you always had an interest in healthy food or did it come later in life?

I have always been a health-conscious eater, I think because my mom and grandma instilled healthy eating habits. My mom always put fresh fruit and vegetables on the dinner table, so I developed a taste for them, and she also encouraged us to eat whole grains instead of white bread and so forth. I felt motivated to learn to cook later in life because I like to eat well and can’t afford to eat out all the time.

What is your favorite (or a few of your favorite) food/ingredient to use in the kitchen?

I’m a big fan of coconut oil and unsweetened coconut in general, as well as oats and yogurt. I love fresh herbs and greens, especially cilantro, kale and arugula. Beans and eggs are a staple, as well as cheese and whole wheat bread from the local bakery. I couldn’t live without my dark chocolate and coffee, either!

Has blogging changed the way you view food and cooking? If so, how?

Yes, my blog has been a powerful motivator in that regard, mostly because I’m always compelled to learn more about nutrition and become a better cook. Sharing what I learn with my readers is immensely rewarding.

Favorite recipe to date?

Tough call! I don’t think I can pick just one, but I do love this sweet potato burrito.

What are three recipes you’d like to share with our readers? 

Asian Raw Kale Salad 

Banana Oat Pancakes 

Butternut Squash Chipotle Chili 

Kathryne is the fifth in a series of spotlights on healthy food bloggers. Be sure to check back next Sunday to meet another healthy food blogger in our midst. 

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