Former Biggest Loser Contestant Nicole Brewer Shares Fashion Tips for Looking Fierce During Weight Loss

If you’re committed to a weight loss plan, you’ve probably experienced one of the best problems a dieter can have: your clothes don’t fit. Whether your goal is a size 2 or a size 12, it is important to feel fabulous inside and out — even when half of your clothes are too tight and the other half falling off your now-slimmer frame.

Nicole Brewer, a former Biggest Loser contestant who has sustained a 100+ pound weight loss, is a noted fashion stylist who simplifies the complicated world of fashion and shows women how to accentuate their assets and disguise trouble spots – all while looking pulled together and polished on a budget.

Brewer spent thirteen years working as a fashion editor and director and has dressed countless celebrities. Recently, she decided to follow her passion for dressing “real women” and is currently serving as a style consultant for the wedding day one-stop, David’s Bridal.

“When people lose weight, sometimes it doesn’t sink in right away that they can wear a smaller size,” Brewer said. “People are drawn to what they’re used to wearing. It’s important to challenge yourself to break out of that rut and find clothes that actually fit well.”

Beyond that, Brewer recommends a few key tips for achieving figure-flattering fashion.

Wear fabrics that give: For wardrobe options that will flatter as you drop sizes, pick fabrics that stretch and give. “Fabrics like jersey and spandex knits that move when you move will be the most flattering,” Brewer said. “Clothing that you can pull on and feel comfortable in is key.”

Don’t spend it all in one place: Getting to your goal weight isn’t easy. “Don’t spend all of your money in one shopping trip,” Brewer cautioned. “Wait to buy a whole new wardrobe until you hit your goal weight.” Along the way, invest in a few simple, versatile pieces, like comfortable trousers and an A-line skirt.

Be comfortable: While it can be fun to wear trends, the most important part about fashion is wearing clothes that work for your body type. “Flatter the part of your body that you feel most comfortable with right now,” said Brewer. “Not what you think you’ll like ten pounds from now.”

Donate, donate, donate: When clothing becomes too big for you, donate it to a charity for women who can put it to good use. Not only are there people who can benefit from these donations, getting your bigger clothing out of the house will help ensure that you won’t backslide and wind up fitting back into them.

Under where?: No matter what size you are, you need to have proper undergarments. “Even if you aren’t losing weight, a woman’s body changes all the time,” Brewer said. “Every six months, get your bra fitted and make sure you are wearing the correct size. Shape wear isn’t just for overweight women – even people who are size zero wear shape wear to contour curves and help look their best in clothing.”

Open your mind: “Have fun with your new body,” said Brewer. “Be willing to try on dresses that you thought you’d never wear. Dare yourself to try something new.”  Dresses on the hanger and dresses on the body look completely different, so when you’re shopping for new dresses, especially for special occasions, bring a friend who you trust to give you her honest opinion and will help you pick outfits that flatter your figure.”

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