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Former Biggest Loser Contestant Nicole Brewer Shares Fashion Tips for Looking Fierce During Weight Loss

If you’re committed to a weight loss plan, you’ve probably experienced one of the best problems a dieter can have: your clothes don’t fit. Whether your goal is a size 2 or a size 12, it is important to feel fabulous inside and out — even when half of your clothes are too tight and the other half falling off your now-slimmer frame.

Nicole Brewer, a former Biggest Loser contestant who has sustained a 100+ pound weight loss, is a noted fashion stylist who simplifies the complicated world of fashion and shows women how to accentuate their assets and disguise trouble spots – all while looking pulled together and polished on a budget.

Brewer spent thirteen years working as a fashion editor and director and has dressed countless celebrities. Recently, she decided to follow her passion for dressing “real women” and is currently serving as a style consultant for the wedding day one-stop, David’s Bridal.


Miggy Cancel’s Biggest Loser Elimination Interview

The first four weeks of Miggy Cancel‘s time on the Biggest Loser ranch she came across as almost cold, stoic and reserved. She and her daughter Migdalia Sebren seemed to draw in to one another and away from the process surrounding them. However, when Migdalia was eliminated in week four, a change occurred in Miggy that did not go unnoticed by fans. Miggy says her world fell apart when her daughter left the ranch, but she decided to move on and start new if she had any intentions of staying on the ranch.

The night of Migdalia’s elimination, Miggy was rushed to the hospital, where she would undergo emergency surgery for an appendectomy and removal of a cyst and mass. In the spirit of doing whatever was necessary to stay, and with Dr. Huizenga‘s orders to do nothing more than walked, she walked. Miggy walked dozens of miles each day immediately following her surgery; we also for the first time got to see her bright smile and laugh. Miggy was in it to win it. (more…)

Biggest Loser 7 Finale Fashion

biggest-loser-7-finale1The Biggest Loser season 7 live finale, which aired Tuesday, May 12, delivered its customary brand of awe-inspiring transformations, this time with 22 contestants who had shed a record breaking amount of weight, 2,744 pounds for the season. One thing’s for sure, this season delivered truth to the fashion statement that you can look fabulous at any size!

For one of the most spectacular finishes in Biggest Loser history, this season’s contestants were impeccably styled in fabulous designer clothes, the hottest colors of the season and figure flattering silhouettes. (more…)

Biggest Loser Nicole’s At-Home Weight Loss Story

nicole-brewer-biggest-loser1When Biggest Loser season seven began, Nicole Brewer and her fiancee Damien Gurganious walked on to the campus with the expectation that they’d be there for several weeks, training to lose weight. In week one, Nicole weighed in at 269 pounds, and she made it clear that losing weight to regain her health was her top priority. The game of Biggest Loser had other things in mind, and sent Nicole home at the end of the first week. If Damien remained on campus through week five, she could return. But he didn’t. Nicole remained at home in Brooklyn wear she set out to lose the weight she’d hoped to lose in California.

She earned a spot back on the Biggest Loser ranch in week 13, by losing 87 pounds on her own. Fellow contestants and fans alike were astonished. The weight loss pushed right into second place in the house, and made her an instant competitor. Unfortunately, a week at the ranch caused Nicole to gain five pounds, and she was eliminated once again from the game. The contestants often remind viewers that they can and should lose the weight at home, that earning a spot on the popular reality program is a slim-to-none chance. Fans rallied around Nicole and begged for her secrets, which she shared with People Magazine. (more…)

Interview with Nicole Brewer, Eliminated Biggest Loser Week 13

nicole brewer biggest loserThe Biggest Loser contestants were terrified when Nicole Brewer won a spot back on the ranch. Coming back into the house in the number two slot automatically put a big “X” on her back. “It was clear within minutes of Ali Vincent announcing that I was number two, that I was a target,” Nicole said about finding out that her weight loss at home had her at a good standing in the game.

Even though her return to the ranch was a short one, Nicole feels that she was on that ranch for a week for a reason. She’s realizing that she is a strong woman and she is happy to be the person inspiring millions of Americans that they don’t need a “magical ranch” to lose the weight. When Nicole stepped on the scale during Tuesday night’s weigh-in, she was shocked and speechless with the results – five pounds gained. She couldn’t even begin to explain the emotions and stress from the week. Her return to the ranch was right as game play became a huge topic for everyone. She was greeted with warm welcomes and bombarded with scenarios of percentages and other game play issues. The stress of the week took a toll on her body and caused her to gain five pounds from fluid fluctuation. (more…)

Interview with Damien Gurganious, Eliminated Biggest Loser Week 3

Damien Gurganious has lost 85 pounds since starting Biggest Loser 7.

Damien Gurganious has lost 85 pounds since starting Biggest Loser 7.

The elimination for Biggest Loser week three appeared to be in the bag – Damien Gurganious would move on to week four and hopefully bring fiancee Nicole back into the game. However, his competitors thought differently, and voted out Damien instead of Joelle. He says he thinks the decision was made because he was much bigger competition than Joelle. He’s OK with it though, because he’s doing better at home. Damien explained that being in your own environment with access to the confidants and friends who inspire him is much better than being at the ranch. Plus, he has Nicole.

Hear what Damien has to say about working out with Jillian, and life at home with Nicole.


Biggest Loser 7: Nicole Brewer

Keep up with Nicole’s journey on Biggest Loser: Couples all season long. Nicole joins partner and fiance Damien during the show’s seventh season.

Eliminated Week 13 – See the Interview.

Age 37

Hometown Brooklyn, NY

Occupation Wardrobe Stylist

Teammate Damien Gurganious, fiance

Team Color Red

Trainer Bob Harper

Starting Weight 269

Final Weight 146

Total Loss -123 (more…)