Interview with Nicole Brewer, Eliminated Biggest Loser Week 13

nicole brewer biggest loserThe Biggest Loser contestants were terrified when Nicole Brewer won a spot back on the ranch. Coming back into the house in the number two slot automatically put a big “X” on her back. “It was clear within minutes of Ali Vincent announcing that I was number two, that I was a target,” Nicole said about finding out that her weight loss at home had her at a good standing in the game.

Even though her return to the ranch was a short one, Nicole feels that she was on that ranch for a week for a reason. She’s realizing that she is a strong woman and she is happy to be the person inspiring millions of Americans that they don’t need a “magical ranch” to lose the weight. When Nicole stepped on the scale during Tuesday night’s weigh-in, she was shocked and speechless with the results – five pounds gained. She couldn’t even begin to explain the emotions and stress from the week. Her return to the ranch was right as game play became a huge topic for everyone. She was greeted with warm welcomes and bombarded with scenarios of percentages and other game play issues. The stress of the week took a toll on her body and caused her to gain five pounds from fluid fluctuation.

nicole brewer and damien gurganiousNicole has learned to love working out and is excited to call herself a runner, something she never thought she would say. It’s safe to say that believing in herself has helped Nicole reach new heights and live the best life imaginable. Since being eliminated in week 13, Nicole is beaming with happiness and she’s proud of everything she’s accomplished so far. She remains successful in her journey by finding balance and using her toolbox of tools as she plans out her complete schedule of working out, eating right and of course, wedding planning (engaged to teammate Damien Gurganious). She’s lost 107 pounds so far and plans to reach her goal weight and dazzle us at the finale.

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AND… dazzle us she will! I have no doubt!

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