Biggest Loser 7: Nicole Brewer

Keep up with Nicole’s journey on Biggest Loser: Couples all season long. Nicole joins partner and fiance Damien during the show’s seventh season.

Eliminated Week 13 – See the Interview.

Age 37

Hometown Brooklyn, NY

Occupation Wardrobe Stylist

Teammate Damien Gurganious, fiance

Team Color Red

Trainer Bob Harper

Starting Weight 269

Final Weight 146

Total Loss -123


  • Earned a chance to return to ranch Week 13; then gained five pounds that week and was sent home.
  • Lost 87 pounds on her own in 12 weeks before returning to ranch.


  • “Now that I’ve met the man of my dreams, I don’t want to fake my life anymore.” – Week 1
  • “It’s about how I feel about myself, what I know I’m capable of doing, and the woman I’ve become… and I really love her!” – Week 13


Other Spellings Nichole, Niccole, Nikky, Brewerr, Bruer

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20 Responses to Biggest Loser 7: Nicole Brewer

Jeff says:

You’re awesome! Good luck at home! And may God bless you and your fiance Damien and your upcoming wedding!

Deborah Ray says:

Good Morning Nicole! I watched the show that aired 3/31/09.

I am so very PROUD of you and excited to correspond with you if you don’t mine. I am 45 years old from Atlanta, Ga and need an accountability partner! I would like it very much if you would email me and let me know how you did it on your own at HOME??? I currently weigh 248 lbs. Everything hurts, even to walk and I was recently denied Health Coverage with a major health care provider in Atlanta. I currently do not have any health problems I know of however, the health care provider indicated their reason for dying me was that my problems are coming . . . . . I have a 13 year old daughter and I would like to stay healthy and prove them wrong!!!!, by losing the weight and re-applying for health insurance with them and encourgaging my daughter to never gain any weight and to stay healthy. Please say would coorespond with me by letting me know your secrets to losing/exercising and your eating habits?? PLEASE, Thank you. Desperate in Atlanta.

Cathy says:

Hi Nicole

Please include me in your response to Deborah I too watched the show and you were a great motivator and inspirtaion for me!!!

Melissa says:

I am so proud of you and amazed at your transformation. I know NYC can be crazy & food is on every corner. Please share how in the world you did so well on your own.
I am in the same boat as the Atlanta blog poster, I don’t have medical issues, but know they will come if I don’t take control.
Any insight, eat plans, exercises would be a great help to me.

Lacey says:

Nicole, you are such an inspiration – not just how incredible you look and the fact that you did it on your own, but you come across as a truly beautiful person inside & out. You were basically eliminated from the show twice, but never did you point fingers, place blame or do anything but express a positive outlook and gratitude. I can’t imagine what an inspiration you would have been had you not been eliminated – certainly you would not have succeeded any better than you have. You had better win the at home prize!!!

Oh, and after watching you last night, I got up and worked out on the treadmill this morning – 3.3 miles walking & jogging at intervals – not nearly your workut, but not too bad for a 42 yr old mom of four boys 1-6 yrs old! Thank you!


Kerri says:

Hi Nicole!

I am so DESPERATE to know how you did it at home! Please share. I truly believe if you can then I can too! Did you use a trainer? What was your eating plan?

Congratulations! You look marvelous!

kmac says:

Nicole, I was quite angry last night when Kristin voted you off. I could understand the reason for the green and brown teams but come on not Kristin! You deserved to be there more than anyone that’s there now and they knew it. But like before you prevailed and you have that beautiful body to show for it.

Laura says:

Nicole—You ARE AMAZING!!!!!!! Please share with us how you kicked butt losing the weight AT HOME!!!! You just proved to all of them on the ranch that you are truly the WINNER! You’ve by far I believe have worked the hardest! If you were to write about your amazing story and share your tips I would BUY IT! You are my inspiration! You give me light at the end of my tunnel. Please share with all of us your inspiring story! You’ve given me hope!!!! By the way, that dress was absolutely amazing!!! Keep up that great work!!!!

Lynda says:

You are amazing, and I am so proud of what you did at home. Please include me in your emails to Deborah as well. You are a huge inspiration! By the way you looked incredible in your wedding dress!

pmad says:

HI nicole, I really have struggled to loose weight. I loose it then gain it back again. I’ve gained so much these past 2 years since I started school and I can’t seem to find a way to loose it. I’m trying to run and enjoy it but exercise is not my problem but eating. Please help me by telling me how u did it. Thanks

ME ME says:


Cheryl says:

God Bless you girl. I was astounded at how much you loss at home and you must know that you left thousands of us wondering how you did it. I hope you will decide to share with us. Thank you, you are truly an isperation for those of us who are unsure of where to start. Best of luck to you in the future…:)

Yvonne says:

Congratulations! I know first hand how wonderful it feels to loose weight and focus on your own health and wellness. As a yo yo dieter, I am fed up with the ups and downs. One more time, with feeling! . . . I’m in the processing of loosing weight but this time, I’ll also be utilizing the services of a behavoir therapist to assist me in changing, forever, and practicing a more spiritual life as well.

Please share your diet and exercise routine with me as well. I’d be grateful for the information. You are truly an inspirtation, and I know you’ll win the At Home challenge. It is written.

Rachel says:

Nicole’s diet was covered in this week of US Weekly. There was no secret. She worked hard, she ate right and she lost a lot of weight. All of us who are struggling with our weight know what we are supposed to do – it’s just a question of doing it consistently. I think she’s amazing to be able to do it at home with very little support and she looks fabulous.

Dee says:

Nicole you are probably the biggest inspiration in Biggest Loser history. I am so impressed with the progress you made at home in 12 weeks. Please share. There are many of us in need of your knowledge. I am very proud of you and can’t wait to see you on the season finale. I know you will kick butt and they all better watch out.

You are definitely a class act.

Veronica says:

You are an awesome lady. I give you so much respect on being successful on your own. Please share with me also how you was able to accomplish such great success.

Ruth R says:

Hi Nicole, you looked so beautiful at the finale. Your life seems to be falling into place! Best of luck for the future!

Michele says:

Hi Nicole,

I watched all season and was amazed at how fantastic you looked at the finale! You, by far, looked like were were always thin. You did a great job losing the weight and toning–I couldn’t believe your arms! Where did you get your finale dress??? With the red waist, it brings the normal little black dress up a few notches. I have a couple weddings to attend this summer and would LOVE to wear that dress.

Hello, Everyone!!!

OMGoodness!First, let me thank EVERYONE who posted messages of support + acknowledgement on thi site. I must admit, throughout this entire process, I never went online to view these. I am so flattered at your compliments and am more than willing to share with you all how I did it at home. I do plan to document everything and am working on a site with damien to continue to inspire and motivate others. That way, we can collect a mailing list of all those interested so we can correspond directly! In the meantime, here’s what I did, Deborah-and everyone else. Just like the Us Wkly story described, I ate right and exercised cinsistently 6days/week. I had a calorie budget of 1400 calories. I ate whole grains, lean meats, lowfat dairy and fruits and vegetables. I ate 5 times daily and included protein with every snack. I got plenty of fiber from ny fruits, veggies and whole grains, and I didn’t miss any of the fried, fatty foods I used to live on. What I DID do was have sugarfree jello or jello pudding EVERY night with fat free whip cream. I love sweets and love to eat late at night. So I compromised and ate sugar free, fat free snacks and it felt like the real thing!

I drank lots of water , of course. And I made sure to increase the intensity of my workouts each week because my body would get used to the same activities, and my results would suffer.

My cardio workouts included 1hr each time:
Light Jogging on treadmill or outside

Weight Training for 1 hour 2xWeekly:
Work all muscle groups in the routine-
Arms, Legs,Shoulders, Back, Abs, Chest

I loved group exercise classes and would take them as often as I could including pilates, yoga, bootcamp, body sculpting and weight lifting classes.

After being eliminated in week 13, of course I was disappointed. But I realized it was meant to be and I was going to be among those contestants who would prove that you CAN do it at home.

When I returned home after only a week, The manager of the gym invited me to join the new york road runner’s club. Your area should have one too. I signed up for my firat race, 4mi and have been using races as part of my strategy for keeping the weight coming off ever since.
I ran my first 5k, 10k right after coming home and used running (not fast, not to win, just to participate) to prepare for the finale. And every finish line, I broke down in tears of joy that I could accomplish such things. I was afraoid to run before, now it is a huge part of my active, healthy life. Right after the finale I ran my first Half Marathon in Brooklyn and am now training for a triathalon before my wedding.

But just to be clear,I had to build up to running. I would watch CSI on the tv monitor on the treadmill and walk 1min, jog 1 min for an hour until I could get to jogging for 5 min, walking 2 min. Then, I would walk during the show and jog at the commercials! Lol After a month I could jog, slowly for the whole hour.
And eventually, I could run 5 -6 miles at a time, slowly, before I got the chance to return to the ranch!

I did not have a personal trainer and was unable to make that financial investment. But I asked questions of the trainers in the gym and made what I now call, “fitness” friends at the gym who would share with me their tips. I would also ask the ggrouo fitness instructor questions and whenever I had a class, I felt like I had a trainer each session (Bill Germanakos suggested I do that and it was so helpful)

There is more of course, but honestly, these are the basics. And there was no trick, its true. I counted calories, wrote down everything I ate and every exercise I did so I could keep track and progress. I would include the jello treats in my calories too. And I would rest one day and on a different day, I would have a high calorie day where I would eat what I wanted, usually a chipotle burrito bowl and baked chips with guacamole. So I never deprived myself and I only weighed in Once Every Week at the same time in the morning before food or exercise.

I apologize for the delay and getting this response to you guys. I honestly had no idea these blogs existed. So ever since the show, I have been expoloring the net and realizing there are so many supporters out there. And I want to support you.

Please feel free to ask any questions. And I am on facebook, but please be patient with me. I am new to that too and don’t even really understand how to use it very well. But I am working on it. So after my August wedding, I will be much more accessible.

Again , thanks for all your kind words and generous support.

All the best,
Nicole Brewer
The Red Team

Jim Tidwell says:

Nicole, we had a great time in Va beach which included meeting you and Damien. You two are a great inspiration and really great people. We wish you both continued success and good luck in the future.
Jim, Sharon, Alec, Jenna

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