Gunnar Peterson Reveals the Secrets to Jennifer Lopez’s Booty Workout

by Dani Stone

Jennifer Lopez is an accomplished dancer, actress, singer, American Idol judge and style icon but let’s face it, she’s also known for her fabulous figure, including that curvy backside. She may have been blessed with super star genetics but diet and exercise play an important part in maintaining her great shape. If you want to reshape your derriere, grab some hand weights and be prepared to squat – a lot.

Gunnar Peterson, a personal trainer who put JLo through grueling workouts for nearly 10 years, says the key to changing the shape of the butt is to tone and tighten. The most successful workouts to target this area are squats and lunges. Adding weights increases the intensity of the workout and ultimately, the results.

Gunnar suggests starting with dumbbell weights and sit-down squats. Once that exercise gets easier, switch to kettle bell weights and do a split-squat or twisting lunges from different angles to target the butt muscles, obliques and lower body. The key is not letting your body get too used to one exercise. Keep switching it up to surprise your muscles and target as many as you can. Also, be sure to add in 30 minutes of cardio a day. Whether it’s a brisk walk, elliptical machine or even a jog in your neighborhood, anything that raises your heart rate is a good choice.

Does Jennifer endorse a diet plan? No. Fitness expert, Kathy Kaehler, who has also worked with JLo, describes her healthy eating philosophy. “Eat real food whenever you can. Have a healthy protein, fat and complex carb with every meal. Practice good portion control and listen to your body.” Jen has access to some of the best food in the world and says just like anyone else, there are times when she does overeat. When that happens, she doesn’t feel good the next day and says with her busy schedule, “it’s just easier to stay on track.”

To avoid cellulite, watch your dressing and sauce intake and consider sodium public enemy number one. Avoid it at all costs. And drink up! Water, that is. Make it the first thing you drink in the morning and try to get those recommended 8 glasses a day in, every day.

In addition to her sweet gig alongside Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson on American Idol each week, you can also see her in Q’Viva: The Chosen One, which premiered March 10th on Fox. In Q’Viva, Jennifer Lopez partners with newly divorced husband, Marc Anthony, as well as director/choreographer, Jamie King as they travel across 21 different Latin American countries looking for talented performers including singers, dancers, circus performers and more. Watch to see who will become, The Chosen One.


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