Health Benefits of Chewing Gum

man chewing gumAccording to the American Dietetic Association (ADA), chewing sugar-free gum can help not only prevent tooth decay and freshen breath, but research is showing that it may be used as a tool to help manage weight, increase focus, alertness and concentration, and help relieve life’s everyday stresses.

Help Manage Your Weight

  • At only 5-10 calories per serving, chewing gum can be a great alternative to avoid unnecessary snacking and to help reduce calorie intake.
  • Chewing gum can serve as a great alternative to a high calorie snack. Chewing two sticks of gum gives you 20 calories versus munching on two chocolate chip cookies that total 140 calories. Meaning you save yourself 120 calories!
  • Using the food exchange list, chewing gum counts as a free food (meaning you can eat as much that you want of it).

In the Words of the ADA:
“In the spirit of making small lifestyle changes that can make a difference in the long run, chewing gum can be an easy and practical tool to help avoid mindless munching and manage weight.”

Help Improve Focus and Relieve Stress

  • Research shows chewing gum may offer an improvement in alertness and concentration and help relieve stress.
  • Psychiatrists and psychologists suggest that people chew gum for two reasons; one, to relieve boredom and two, to reduce gum
  • Gum chewing may also help people release nervous energy and provide an outlet for frustration and irritation.

Try some of these gum-chewing ideas to help manage your weight:

  • Put in a piece of gum to signal the end of a meal.
  • If stress causes you to eat, try chewing on gum instead food to help avoid the “mindless munching.”
  • Chew gum between meals in place of snacking on high-calorie foods

Source: ADA Website

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