Healthiest Meal Choices at Sonic

When it comes to most fast-food places I don’t have a problem driving by, but there’s something about Sonic that really tests my willpower. (Mostly it’s the tater tots, Cherry Limeades and the novelty of have someone serve you in your car.) In our ongoing review of what to eat and what to avoid at fast-food restaurants across the country, today we’re putting Sonic’s menu to the test. The below menu options meet the recommendations of our registered dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield’s healthy guidelines of having less than 500 calories and less than 500 milligrams of sodium, according to the the new daily sodium recommendations.

1. Jr. Deluxe Burger with Apple Slices with Caramel. Yes, you can have your burger and eat it, too! Enjoy a Jr. Burger (hold the cheese!) with a package of apple slices with caramel for 460 calories and 500 milligrams of sodium.

2. Four French Toast Sticks. This isn’t most well-rounded meal by any means, but if in a pinch for breakfast, you can eat four French Toast Sticks for 500 calories and 490 milligrams of sodium. Just make sure you get good protein and lots of veggies at your next meal or snack to balance the sugar out!

2. Half of a Sonic Burger with Mayonnaise and a half order of small Tater Tots. Much to my displeasure, the tater tots have 130 calories and 270 milligrams and are way too high in sodium to be a side — unless you share them with a friend! So grab a buddy and share this meal to each have a dinner that’s 465 calories with 500 milligrams of sodium. It doesn’t have a ton of nutrition, but if you’re really craving a burger and tots, it’s the way to go!

And for those of you who are Cherry Limeade-aholics like me, know that you can tack on a low-cal medium one for an extra 15 calories and 15 milligrams of sodium.

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