Healthiest Menu Choices at Arby’s

We’ve been doing these fast-food healthiest meal listings based on our registered dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield’s healthy guidelines of having less than 500 calories and less than 500 milligrams of sodium per meal, according to the the new daily sodium recommendations. And, generally, we’ve been able to find a few options at all of the fast-food chains thus far. Today is a challenge though. We’re looking at Arby’s, and while there are a number of options that fit the calorie requirement, the sodium is just ridiculous. Having just a sandwich or a salad will put you at more than half of what you’re supposed to get in a day. For real. So with some creativity (because we really can’t tell you to eat a Jr. Shake for lunch just because it’s low in salt), we’ve come up with the following healthiest items.

Healthiest Meals at Arby’s

1. Half of a Roast Chicken Sandwich with Half of a Chopped Side Salad. This protein-filled pairing has 270 calories and 485 milligrams of sodium. Told you we had to get creative!

2. Half of a Chopped Farmhouse Salad with Turkey and Ham. The key to enjoying this salad is to either eat it sans dressing or to bring your own no-sodium dressing from home. With just 125 calories it is a tiny lunch, but with 455 milligrams of sodium in just half, you’re pretty limited. Pair it with an apple to help fill you up!

3. Half of a Chopped Farmhouse Chicken Salad — Roast with Half of a Packet of Dijon Honey Mustard Dressing. Also with 125 calories, this half salad is low enough in sodium that you can pair it with half a packet of dressing. Hooray! This half salad comes in at 215 calories and 470 milligrams of sodium.

Are you shocked that this was the only options that met our criteria?

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