How To Lose 50 Pounds

overweight couple on treadmillDiet and exercise are the two main ingredients in the weight loss equation. A combination of the two will help you shed the unwanted inches and pounds. I recommend focusing on how you feel and how your clothes fit rather than on the numbers (scale weight). Try hitting cardio before you eat breakfast in the morning to burn a little extra fat as well as later in the day.

Losing 50 pounds is not something that is going to happen overnight and you need to stay motivated and dedicated throughout the entire process. Stick to a good, healthy diet and five full days of exercise and you will see results in no time. So, try and do cardio twice a day (jog, walk, or bike) and hit the total body endurance training program below.

I recommend doing two sets of 30 repetitions of the following fitness routine. Good luck!!

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I’d also like to add that’s its so vital to get to the root of why you tend to overeat in the first place. I think that most people that have 50 pounds or more to lose (like myself) use food as a coping mechanism to deal with life’s stresses and heartbreaks.

After I starting dealing with my emotional eating issues, it was much easier to follow a diet and exercise plan – and so far I’ve lost 45 pounds!

Thanks for the great post!

~ Gina

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