Jay Returns to the Competition in Biggest Loser Recap: Season 11 Episode 12

As this episode opens, the contestants are not found in the elimination room, but instead in the gym with the trainers. Be it as it may, Alison is also in the gym so you know something is going on. The collective blue team is now being broken up into four teams, one for each trainer.

  • Red is Justin, Jen, and Courtney being trained by Brett.
  • Green is Austin, Ken, and Kaylee being trained by Cara.
  • Blue is Moses, Irene, and Olivia with Bob.
  • Black is of course Jillian with Rulon, Hannah, and who?

Apparently a player who has been eliminated will rejoin… black team’s choice! We’ll find out more later…

The trainers each lead their teams on separate workouts in order to really help solidify their bonds. Bob takes his team to his Crunch spin class, which is a lot of fun. I got to do that several times and it was a blast. Jillian takes her team to her house for some R & R, but not without a workout first! Brett goes outdoors to enjoy nature and help them reflect on their journeys. I spent a ton of time outdoors myself which really helped me find who I really was. Cara shows her team her roots and goes to a boxing gym.

This week’s challenge is one of the famous Biggest Loser challenges that involve holding the weight they have lost. Each team holds the weight they have collectively lost suspended over a water tank. When the weight drops, it spills the water onto a flame, thereby putting it and them out of the competition. But before they can start, the Black team unveils their third member: Jay! They wanted someone strong to help them out down the road. Green and Black bow out fairly quickly, leaving Red and Blue dueling for more than 45 minutes. Red finally pulls it out and wins video chats with their loved ones at home, but gracially decides to give that prize away to the Blue team. Moses and Olivia both have very emotional conversations, but hopefully this will be the extra fuel they need to finish their journeys.

This is an interesting weigh-in to say the least. Beforehand, Kaylee admits that she is ready to go home, so we’ll see how this affects the weigh-in. The rules of the weigh-in are that the team with the least amount of weight loss goes to elimination. The person with the highest loss on that team is immune, so it will be a choice between two. Jay weighs in first, but also has immunity and his weight will not count. He drops a 7, with Hannah at 4 and Rulon at 5.

The Blue team is safe with Irene and Olivia at 5, Moses at 3. Red team has some light numbers with Jen at 4, Courtney at 3 (however, this now means she has lost 200 pounds since the start of her journey!), and Justin at 2.

This now leaves just the Green team. Kaylee loses no weight; not a shocker as she expressed interest in going home.  Austin only loses 3. Ken should pull a low number as well in order to fulfill Kaylee’s desire to leave. There must have been some confusion to his calculations as he loses 7 pounds for the week which will send Red to elimination! Kaylee is told she can leave anytime she wants as the ranch is not a prison, but decides to stay after speaking with her father. Since Jen was the Biggest Loser for red, the vote goes to Justin and Courtney. Justin falls on the sword for Courtney by telling everyone that she needs to be there more than him and he is really good to go home. In a heartbreaking elimination, they honor his wish.

Justin is doing very well at home, down to 225 pounds already!  It seems he has found his true calling in life by “calling out” other people and helping them to realize their potential. He even has Justin’s Callout shirts, which I think is great.
After going through the journey myself, I know how Justin feels about helping others. I too have a passion for fitness and nutrition now and find it truly fulfilling to spread the love to others. What will happen next week? Only one way to find out… Watch it! Every Tues. at 8/7c on NBC.

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