Jennifer Jacobs to Pursue Music Career after Biggest Loser Elimination

Few people leave Biggest Loser with as little drama as Jennifer Jacobs did in season 11’s week 13. With a weight loss of zero, and one of only two people on her team (lead by trainer Brett Hoebel), Jennifer was automatically eliminated from the game. She changed team shirts six times this season, she guesses more than anyone else ever has, and said when it came time for her to go home she wanted to be “tested based on merit.” When that option arose last night, that’s how she exited.

We spoke to Jenn following her elimination, and she shared with us a desire to pursue a music career. “Music is a big part of my life,” she told us, and she made it clear that in the coming months we should expect to see an album. She also told us about the new person she’s become thanks to her time at Biggest Loser. The outside now matches how she feels on the inside. Hear our entire interview now, and read on to learn more about Jenn’s journey.

This Biggest Loser songbird shared a few notes of one of her songs exclusively with during her first week on the ranch (listen here). She says music has always been a big part of her life, but it wasn’t something that was ever shown during her time at the ranch. Because of her weight loss, Jenn says “there’s no excuse for me to hide any more.” She wants to perform and sing and plans to share an album you can “drop in an iPod and jam out at the gym,” full of music that’s got a great beat and motivational message.

Music isn’t the only thing that pushes Jenn, her family does as well. Partnered with her dad, Jay Jacobs, this season, the strong bond was evident. She says her family has always struggled with its weight, but the tide turned when her younger brother lost 70 pounds after high school. He’s kept it off for about five years, and is now focused on building muscle. “Now the kid’s jacked!” Jenn says with pride about her brother turned trainer. Since going home, he’s the one pushing her in the gym.

At home she avoids the over-training that she feels lead to her demise on Biggest Loser. As she got smaller and smaller, losing a total of 91 pounds on the ranch, it became harder to post the big numbers. Since returning home after 13 weeks away, Jenn has crossed that coveted 100-pound mark.

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