Jennifer Lawrence Says ‘No’ to Dieting, Instead Embraces Healthy Figure

Jennifer Lawrence. Ah, that body.

Beautiful, toned and trim. And one of the reasons we’re so envious of it is that it looks natural – like the she stays active and eats well without depriving herself. And naturally, that’s exactly what she does. Lawrence even admits to being OK with looking ‘a little chubby’ on camera if it means being healthy.

That’s what we love to hear as proponents of healthy, balanced living, even though Jennifer’s clearly nowhere near chubby.

According to a recent Daily Mail article, Jennifer believes in feeling healthy and happy over being stick thin. And she doesn’t buy into over-restrictive diets saying, “I’m miserable when I’m dieting, and I like the way I look.”

And her approach to food and exercise are sensible, especially when it came to her preparations for The Hunger Games, which reportedly involved lots of running, and even enduring extensive training in archery from a true Olympian. “I don’t diet. I do exercise! But I don’t diet. You can’t work when you’re hungry, you know?”

Based on the amount of exercise she was doing for the film, we can suspect that Lawrence was likely staying well above 2,000 calories to keep her energy levels high. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have had that Katniss-like ferocity that fans of the book have come to know and love.

Jennifer’s clearly not a fan of Hollywood actresses’ rail thin physiques saying, “I’m just so sick of these young girls with diets. I think it’s really important for girls to have people to look up to and feel good about themselves.”

We couldn’t agree more. And we hope that holds true throughout her career for the sake of her younger, more vulnerable fans. For now, it looks like Jennifer is a stand-out celebrity we can happily add to our list of Hollywood role models.

Be sure to check out Jennifer on the big screen as The Hunger Games release is this weekend. I, for one, will be camping out at the premiere. Katniss fans, unite!

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