Kithe Brewster Uses Duke Diet to Make a Healthy Name for Himself

UPDATE 9/29/11: Kithe reached his 100-pounds lost milestone in September 2022, and spoke with to tell us about his journey, how he feels, and what this means for his career and life. In fact, in our interview, Kithe reveals that he’s actually lost 115 pounds total! Hear all about this, plus his progress with Ellen, in our Kithe Brewster interview.

When you work in the fashion industry, your appearance is one of the most important tools of the trade. Tall, thin, tan, fit, and a little natural spark keep these beautiful men and women in business. So what’s a man who weighs 300 pounds to do? He conceals it. So says Kithe Brewster, a celebrity stylist who has worked with the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Tyra Banks, spent three years as Heidi Klum‘s personal stylist, and most recently dressed Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Cynthia for her wedding. He knows a little bit about what he’s doing, calling himself a “master of style and wardrobe” and being “good at masking it.” We believe him.

That skill helped Kithe conceal his weight and 49-inch waist from clients, friends, family and even himself. He didn’t realize how much his weight was affecting his health until last summer, when he fainted at a fashion show. He thought it was due to exhaustion, no doubt a result of his non-stop, international schedule; instead, it was because of his high blood pressure and cholesterol. “Something had to be done. I didn’t have any more chances,” he told us.

This was the trigger moment for Kithe, the moment he reconciled to stop neglecting himself and putting his “plane-hotel-world” career before his health. Listen to our interview with Kithe as he talks about beginning his weight loss journey with Duke Diet and Fitness, a renowned weight loss program founded at Duke University.

In the first month on the Duke plan, Kithe lost 22 pounds, and continues to lose at a safe and noticeable rate in the months since the first of the year. He says other celebrities have found their way to Duke, but none have been as vocal about their experiences. Kithe is changing that by sharing his journey on Everyday Health, where he posts webisodes about what he’s learned, trials, successes, and more. “I want to help, I want to reach millions of people,” he says, in hopes that his weight loss can inspire others to make important changes, too.

Kithe calls the Duke center a “God send” and “amazing.” He is grateful for how they’ve shown him the right way to lose weight, and he feels equipped knowing what and how to do things like workout and eat right now. Like most people, Kithe isn’t able to be at the residential location in Durham, North Carolina on a continuous basis, so he uses The online membership allows him to log-in from anywhere in the world and “take five minutes” to update his food journal, access recipes, get tips for dining out, and track his weight, in addition to so much more. He also notes that this is not a paid endorsement deal, that they pay him by “allowing me to come whenever I can.”

“I want to shout it from the mountain tops: I feel better!” exclaims Kithe about the changes in his weight and health. Kithe is working toward a goal to lose 100 pounds. When he does, he hopes he can do a big reveal on Ellen. In fact, he tells us he’s “campaigning” to make that happen. And when he gets there, he wants to dance!

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