Lose Your Saddlebags by Spring Break

If the dreary weather has you chomping at the bit to plan a sun soaked Spring Break, you may want to start planning your bikini bod as well. If the eating over the holidays and low energy from the winter blues have left you self conscious about your saddlebags, leave the “leg work” to us.

The butt/thigh area is a big trouble zone for many, and despite what most think, squats and lunges are not enough to get rid of your saddlebags. While these exercises work you forward and backward, making them great for the hammies and quads, to hit the saddlebag area you have to work on an angle.

The following exercises will shrink your saddlebags, and these are personally some of my favorites to do because you can perform them laying on the ground, surfing the ‘net or watching TV. Not that I’m recommending that, it would probably be more professional to tell you to concentrate on your working muscles, breathing deeply and watching your form closely. So do that.

Swaying Bridge: Most people know the typical bridge, but to really trim your thighs, try the swaying variety. Lay on your back, knees bent, with your heels under your knees. Lift your hips until your body forms a straight line from knee to shoulders, forming a classic bridge. From here, sway your hips to the left and right, keeping them as high in the air as you can. Preform once to the left, once to the right for one rep. Do 10 reps.

Lying Leg Lifts: Lay on one side with your hips and knees stacked. Extend your top leg in front of you a few inches, leg straight, creating a slight angle at the hip. You can also slightly bend the bottom knee if it makes you more comfortable. Squeezing through your glute, raise your foot towards the ceiling and back to start. Repeat for 25 reps on each side. For more resistance, wrap a resistance band around your ankles, or hold a weight on the outside of your hip.

Door Hinge: Position yourself on all fours, wrists under shoulders and knees under hips. Keeping your shoulders square with the ground by pulling in your belly button, left your leg to the side, keeping a 90 degree angle in your knee. Repeat 25 times on each side.

Do these exercises twice through, 2-3 times a week and notice your thighs slim, your butt lift and your saddlebags…what saddlebags? You’ll be rocking your bikini on the beach and daisy dukes in the street worry-free, so you can focus on having a blast this Spring Break.

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